2023 NFL Mock Draft: Michael Penix Enters Round 1 As The Books Look Beyond Tom Brady; Lions add more firepower

Alabama • Junior • 6’4″ / 243 lbs

Anderson finds the Falcons a major defensive prospect in this class. No brainer here.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’3″ / 218 pounds

The Seahawks like what they’ve got from Geno Smith for two games, but that doesn’t represent the future. Stroud does.

Alabama • Junior • 6’0″ / 194 lbs

He will be picked in early April because of Young’s game, athletic ability and accuracy. The Texans probably need to upgrade to quarterback.

Clemson • Junior • 6’5″ / 275 lbs

It’s not Carolina’s biggest need, but Murphy has a top-10 pick profile and plays a premium position.

Kansas State • Junior • 6’4″ / 255 lbs

The Bears have received an astonishing return on their investment in Robert Quinn. He is in his 30s right now. Anudik-Uzoma would be an ideal student.

Clemson • Junior • 6’3″ / 240 lbs

CJ Mosley will turn 31 next season, and his cap hit will increase to $21 million. The Simpson linebacker could be a new-age replacement on the spot.

Georgia • Couch • 6’2″ / 210 lbs

The Commander joins some youngsters in his cornerback room with the older and super-talented Ringo.

Georgia • Junior • 6’3″ / 300 pounds

The Jaguars must strengthen the interior of their defensive front. Carter is the ideal prospect for Jacksonville.

FL • Sofa • 6’4″ / 232 lbs

This may sound crazy after Richardson’s back-to-back disappointing games in which his rawness was evident. But he’s the perfect type to learn from behind Jared Goff for a season before taking over the starting role in 2024.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’6″ / 310 pounds

The Titans will have to strengthen the offensive front, and Johnson can do so with a left tackle.

Georgia • Sofa • 6’4″ / 310 lbs

The Steelers judiciously move to the offensive line to build up better protection for Kenny Pickett.

Kentucky • Sr. • 6’3″ / 232 lbs

The Giants Front Office will love Lewis’ arm talent, size and moxie.

USC • Junior • 6’0″ / 175 lbs

The top of the receiver class has had a slow start, except for Edison, who feels like a receiver the Patriots organization would really like.

South Carolina • Junior • 6’0″ / 188 pounds

The Raiders need to get more talent in the secondary, and Smith is a big, physical, athletic, and spirited cornerback from the SEC.

LSU • Junior • 6’0″ / 205 lbs

The Colts desperately – and I mean tough – need more talent on the receiver. The bout has it in spades.

Ohio State • Junior • 6’1″ / 200 pounds

An early season would not prevent Smith-Njigba from moving to a Texans team in the top half of the first round, which would need a more aggressive weapon.

Texas A&M • Junior • 6’3″ / 195 lbs

The Cardinals have to get better in the secondary. Johnson is built like a strong safety but moves like a nickel corner.

Army West Point • Senior • 6’7″ / 260 lbs

The Eagles love to build a defensive front, and Carter could be the new-age edge rusher next to Josh Swett.

Notre Dame • Junior • 6’4″ / 265 pounds

The Cowboys love Dalton Schultz, but are they going to pay him big bucks on a long-term deal after 2022? If not, Meyer would be a perfect replacement.

Northwest • Junior • 6’4″ / 315 pounds

More blocking assist for Joe Burrow. Jonah Williams has got off to a great start this season. Didn’t see that coming.

TCU • Junior • 6’4″ / 215 lbs

The Vikings could use some youth on the receiver behind Justin Jefferson, and Johnson is a tall wide that flies down.

Clemson • Sofa • 6’5″ / 305 lbs

The Seahawks are more than happy to prevent Bracey’s fall and add a dangerous pass rusher to their defensive front.

Ohio State • Sr. • 6’8″ / 359 pounds

More detractors for Tua Tagovailoa won’t receive much criticism from Dolphins fans, and Jones has played well to start the 2022 campaign.

North Carolina • Junior • 5’10” / 175 lbs

How about some more arms on the receiver for Lamar Jackson?

Alabama • Junior • 6’2″ / 190 lbs

I want the Chargers to bring in more outside talent at the start of next year’s draft. Ricks would be ideal.

Penn State • Sof • 5’10” / 215 lbs

Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jameson Williams and Washington will be a fun, complementary group at the receiver in Detroit.

Penn State • Sofa • 6’6″ / 321 lbs

Fashanu is super young but has been effective in early 2022 and will be an excellent long-term project in tackle at Green Bay.

Illinois • Junior • 6’0″ / 180 lbs

Witherspoon has been a ball magnet to start 2022 and looks the part athletically. Talented to play more for Philadelphia’s defense.

Washington • Junior • 6’3″ / 213 lbs

Penix is ​​an athletic, strong-handed Lefty with an aggressive style. The Buccaneers have to plan for the future at quarterback.

FL • Couch • 6’6″ / 312 pounds

A giant space eater with incredible strength next to Chris Jones in Kansas City. Bad combination.

FL • Junior • 6’5″ / 347 pounds

The Bills connect the youth to the inside of their offensive line with Florida’s mashing guard.

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