49ers news: Offensive line coach Chris Forrester encouraged by Week 1

49ers Run game coordinator, and offensive line coach Chris Forrester talks to the media to review Week 1 and preview the division opponent Seattle Seahawks,

Q: How do you think your young players have worked on the line?

“Well, it’s always hard after you’ve lost, because when you lose everything your losses are scarred. There are a lot of things that could have been done better. But overall, I think That was a solid first outing. That’s the best way to say it. Had we done a little bit better, maybe we could have won the match. But the guys did a really good job together, they put together fast And gave us a chance to get some breakthroughs. We didn’t finish it, but I didn’t disappoint by any stretch. They played well.”

Forester is supporting his people.

It was shocking to me, I thought Aaron Banks struggled a bit. Spencer Burford had a strong game. The light will shine on the young offensive lineman with Trey Lance. Continuity and the offensive line go hand in hand. They’re still ironing things out and will continue to take comfortable feeling to the next level.

Q: T Mike McGlinchy did some coaching during the off-season to recover his mental state after a bad game. Did you see progress from him after the one sack he dropped, that he played more consistently?

“One hundred percent, yes. Mike has worked really hard on him. He knows it’s a problem that he just has to come back from a bad game. Everyone’s going to have a bad game. How do you get behind that? Turns out, how do you proceed with the rest of the game, I think it was really positive for him. He had a negative play and we talked about it on the sidelines and he fixed it and was able, his The pass was a real similar game, it came in like the fourth quarter, I think the same security call and they set it up very differently. They approached it very differently and fixed it, which is what you’re asking for. Everyone’s game is going to have ups and downs, but it’s being able to fight them through and that’s a good job.”

McGlinchy is beneficial

Fixing things after a tragic sack is uplifting McGlinchy. Winning a war is a matter of forrester, not war. This applies to all of us, we see a player lose badly and then we say we need something else, need a bite, etc. In fact, the Niners have no one else to turn to, plus McGlinchy is brutal in the race game. Let’s just hope next time he doesn’t hit the sack so soon.

Q: Can you tell if QB Trey Lance has an effect on the run game just by being on the field? Can you see him, like his threat?

“Oh, of course, because that’s how to play the defensive ends. For example in the last game, when you’re in certain formations, pistol formations, shotgun formations, ends, the defense has to decide how to play them. going and it’s different from what they have to play And who’s got our defense as well as quarterback, blah, blah, blah. But that’s different than just line up every snap and finish the same thing. Now all of a sudden you have this second call and then with it All the compliments that come, the play-action pass and those things can lead to a little too much. It adds a layer for them to work, it’s really the best way to say it. And everyone has There’s an answer to this and everyone’s seen it enough now, but you can tell that the effect and it allows other plays to happen because the running quarterback’s threat, you play that. How are you going to play your running quarterback when that time comes.”

San Francisco’s offense may surpass Week 1 crowd totals / Lance will intensify in Week 2

Monsoon at Soldier Field last week forced the Niners to make their living on land. However, a total of 176 yards is in danger with a 49er offense. The Seahawks are missing their best player in defense Jamal Adams and have seen Bobby Wagner join the Rams in the off-season. Crossing 176 yards is wishful thinking and Shanahan’s offense should win comfortably with 120 on the ground.

I took this question in a variety of ways, but my gut feeling tells me that Lance will raise it in Week 2. He Leads the NFL in a Big Time Throw in Week 1 in unattainable situations. We could have seen more zone-read drama, again, I’m banking on genius 49er Wide Receiver to make it easy. Shanahan can only give Lance more opportunities in explosive plays with better conditions.

When you turn on the tapes of the Seahawks, is it weird not to look at their classic eight-man box and not see the cover-three thing they’re doing?

“You know, for me, I see really, really big guys. When you look at 97, 90, and 99, I see big, big guys in the middle. And I see nice edges that Can run a passerby. And whether the eighth man is down or not, those big guys in there still have pain, man. They’re good players. They’re really hard to block. They’re good at defending blocks and beating them Work. They’ve been coaching them well there for a long time. And even though the plan may have changed a bit, those big suckers are still there, man. And they do one heck of a job. And it’s always a challenge. When I turn on the movie, I want them to go somewhere else, but they take up all the space on the movie and, my friends, we have to get out there, people out there. Have to come out and compete and do a good job against them. They’re an impressive group and they’re always a challenge.”

,It does not make a difference thatabout the plan

The Forester has been hooked up with other 49er coaches, being locked in on the task at hand. Planning plays a part in every game, but Forrester reiterates that everyone has to do his job. Seattle’s defensive lineman eats double-team blocks while linebacker Jordan Brooks finishes for tackles. Shanahan is looking for a strong game from Mike McGlinchy and Trent Williams to get Lance strong in the pocket.

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