5 different s*x toys you didn’t know existed

5 different s*x toys you didn’t know existed
5 different s*x toys you didn’t know existed

Besides the regular dildos and vibrators we know, there are many sex toys available in the market that you must know about.

Yes, Fifty shades of grey made many things like butt plugs and anal beads famous but there is so much more that most of you may not know about.

Check out the list below and if you know of more, feel free to let us know about them in the comments section.

1. Clit suction sex toys

There are sex toys with vacuums that have been in the market for a long time. Now, the sex toy market has clitoral suction toys that use air and suction to stimulate the clit and not just vibrate.

2. Harnesses & Dildos

We all know what a dildo is, it is a phallic-shaped toy used for penetration, available in different sizes, textures and colours. Some even have a suction cup base. With a harness, you can use a dildo easily to penetrate your partner. When buying the harness and dildo, make sure you have checked the weight, texture, depth, and quality used to make them.

3. G spot & A-spot sex toys

Hitting the g-spot is a task and when you use the toys dedicated to the same, sex can be much more fun. These toys are curved to help your partner or you hit the front wall of the vagina that has the clitoral tissue. A-spot toys are for the anterior fornix which is under the cervix of the anus.

4. Rabbit vibrators

These are combination vibrators which are like a dildo and clitoral vibrators put together. They come with external vibrating and internal vibrating parts. They can come with rotating and thrusting parts that increase the stimulation. This toy helps stimulate the two separate erogenous zones simultaneously, which can give a blended orgasm.

5. Cock rings

Who said that vibrators are just for women? They come for men and are way much more fun! These rings go around the base of the penis which keeps the blood flow in and helps erections last longer. TIP: They will be more intense if the ring is worn up at the head of the penis.

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