5 easy ideas to set up barbeque in your balcony

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What’s a party without a barbecue? But constraint of space often prevents most people from having the same.

Well, if you too have a small balcony and want to arrange a barbeque party, then we have some smart tips and tricks to organize everything effortlessly.

Just follow us through some simple ideas and set up a perfect barbeque in your balcony.

Automatic Barbeque

If you have a small outdoor barbeque, it is best to arrange it in one corner where it has access to the power switch. The most important thing to plan a barbeque party is that you can marinate the meat, fish or veggies well in advance so that it reduces the cooking time.


The best way to enjoy a barbeque party at home is by cleaning, cutting and marinating the ingredients way before you plan to cook, this will help in better absorption of spices and also reduce the cooking time.

​Portable Gas Stove

If you have a portable gas stove, then arranging a barbeque party can be a great idea. To grill on a portable gas stove you need grill racks, which can be used to grill meats, veggies easily. These metal grills can easily hold food and cook it inside out.

DIY barbeque grill

This simple barbeque grill can be made at home by arranging bricks in a pattern that can hold an iron mesh and can work as a grill by heating coal below it.

Keep distance

Anything to do with fire can be a bit risky, if you are not cautious. Always keep power plugs, flammable liquids and substances at a distance from the barbeque to avoid disaster.

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