5 innocent things bosses say that aren’t really innocent!

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The way bosses communicate with their employees can be a tad bit offensive at times, especially when they don’t realise it. Sometimes, they say things that they might think is innocent but they can be really rude and insulting.

Most of the time, what they say is unintentional (or not)… but can mean harm. Let’s take a look at some of the things that bosses say that aren’t really innocent.

1. “Trust what I am doing”

The kind of bosses who don’t ask for your opinion or views and only try to project their command isn’t really liked by anyone. When a boss says this phrase, they are not giving their employees the space to be creative and come up with experimental ideas that might work for a change. The boss is trying to do only what they think would be best. This doesn’t allow any ground for creativity.

2. “I will just do it myself”

This means the boss is simply impatient and this can reflect poorly on their personality. This also may seem really offensive as the boss is clearly trying to imply that the employee is not capable of getting the job done or smart enough to pick it up. Bosses need to be a little patient with the employees, especially if a challenging task is at hand.

3. “You can’t fail. It’s not an option”

Being optimistic and motiving employees to achieve success is one thing but telling them that, in no way can they fail is another. The latter can be really frightful as employees might feel really burdened with the pressure of having to perform.

4.“I am giving this work to you because I know you can handle it”

This can also be seen as a form of encouragement for an employee but if a boss keeps giving that employee work, to a point where they feel burnt out, it can be really distressing. The chances of being burnt out when all the work is on an employee’s hands, they might try to look for opportunities where their work boundaries are respected.

5. “Remember when you did that mistake…”

Calling out an employee over a mistake that happened in the past can be extremely critical. It can be worse if the boss calls out the employee in public in front of other coworkers. Criticising in front of others can be demoralising and pretty disrespectful.


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