5 lessons from the dating scene in 2022

5 lessons from the dating scene in 2022
5 lessons from the dating scene in 2022

Dating is not for the faint-hearted, they say. This statement may ring true for many who have experienced a challenging time in the dating scene.

From being ghosted, gaslighted, scammed, abused, cheated on, and lied to, the dating scene has not been the easiest to navigate.

But with all the sad and shocking stories we have heard about dating, there have been success stories that serve as encouragement that dating successfully and finding love is possible.

1. Do your research

Find information about the person who is showing interest in you. It may sound creepy to some, but to be safe, go CIA if you must. Some people go into the dating scene under false pretence. They either lie about who they are or their intentions. Some lie about their relationship status, that you may end up dating a married man who is a serial cheater.

2. The money talk

This is a red flag. Talking about money in the talking and dating stage is worrisome. It gives an impression that the person basis who they are on money or that they are interested in what you can offer them – the connection becomes more like a transaction or a job.

“Prove you love me by helping me” is how many approach dating nowadays. As famously said, some people are desperate for help and not love. This is how many people get scammed and end up in debt. If someone does not want to be with you for who you are, then you should not bother being with them.

3. Desperate for love

Being desperate for love is a symptom of something deeper. It often exposes how you feel about yourself. Having a healthy relationship with yourself means that you will not easily allow people to treat you badly and like you aren’t deserving.

When you know what you deserve, you can easily detach or see the signs when the person you are dating is problematic and not meant for you. But when desperate to be loved and to belong, you become a victim and pawn.

4. Stay single. Why not?

Some people can’t stand being single and end up in the wrong relationship. But what good is it to force yourself to be in the dating scene the circumstances don’t allow? If you have not found your match, it is not a reflection of failure. It may be an indication that you know the love you desire.

5. Dating successfully is possible

You might not have been lucky in dating and in finding love, but that does mean that is how it will always be. You don’t have to lower your standards just for the dating tag. But when it is your time, it will happen.

The same dating apps that people have left people broken and scammed have helped others find love. It is all timing. The New Year is only hours away, and 2023 comes with new blessings and opportunities.

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