5 ways to become an eco-tourist in 2023

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Find a different way of engaging with nature if you wish to be an eco-tourist, like hiking and cycling, which are low-impact activities that get you into nature without doing much or any damage.

Also, if you desire to see animals, consider wildlife safaris where you see animals in their natural environment rather than close-up interaction activities that allow guests to pet wild animals, and when it comes to ocean wildlife, snorkelling with a proven supplier is a good bet or you could paddle or kayak out onto the ocean with a company that offers this rather than taking a motorized boat.

3. Support local and visit local

Visit local communities and explore nearby craft markets. There will be many vendors offering truly unique items. These have been supplied by local craftspeople, and the money you spend directly contributes to the regional economy.

4. Be aware of your waste

Reduce your carbon footprint when travelling by being more aware of your waste. Instead of buying a new coffee cup every time you get that cup of java, buy a reusable one and take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, you can use a canvas shopper bag for all your shopping trips instead of asking for a new, often plastic, bag every time you head to the shops.

5. Respect local cultures and traditions

And lastly, when you have a plan to travel somewhere that is quite different from your own community, be sure to do some research on the region that you intend to visit. Research what their customs and beliefs are so that you know how to be respectful of them. For example, you might want to visit an attraction that requires you to remove your shoes or wear a scarf. This is something that you should ideally know ahead of time.

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