6 ways to overcome holiday hangover

6 ways to overcome holiday hangover
6 ways to overcome holiday hangover

Back to work after a long holiday and finding it difficult to go back to your regular routine? This is nothing but a holiday hangover. To get back to the routine requires some effort.

Here are few ways to beat the vacation blues…

1. Find new hotspot in your city

Spending a bomb on an exotic location can be restricted to once or twice a year. But your own city can have new hotspots that you could frequent. Whether it is driving down a few kilometers from your city for sightseeing or discovering a new restaurant that everyone is raving about —you can now make fond memories in your city, too.

2. Pick up a new hobby

Oh yes, you definitely did some exciting things on your recent trip. But that doesn’t mean that with holidays ending, the fun is over. Find out what keeps you occupied (apart from work, of course). If they are boring, go for the things you always wanted to do. Be it joining a new fitness regime, learning to bake or going for music lessons – pick a new hobby to keep yourself engaged.

3. Couch surfing

If you are still trying hard to get over your holiday, engage in some couch surfing to beat the blues. Talk to people who have already been to these places and get an idea about the local culture. Browsing through some exotic holiday spots, perhaps for your next vacation, will make you feel better.

4. Go for a spa

Most people who go on a holiday don’t take travelling days very seriously. They would like to get back to work the day they arrive. While you might have the energy to work for a day or two, you will be worn out by the next couple of days and that will make you lose interest in what you’re doing. So, a post-travel spa is what you need before you get back to your daily routine. Opt for a soothing head or a relaxing body massage to get into the back-to-work mode. This would help you relax and concentrate on your work better.

5. Party with friends

What’s a better way to pep up your mood than to party? Ring up your friends and head to the most happening club in your city. If you are someone who doesn’t like to go to a regular club, call friends over and have a rocking party at home. After all, it’s friends who make us feel better..

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