After a fight with Boity, Bujy confesses to being homeless

After a fight with Boity, Bujy confesses to being homeless.
After a fight with Boity, Bujy confesses to being homeless.

Bujy has said that his fight with Boity Thulo cost him a lot of things.

After fighting after an event, the two became the talk of the town the previous year.

On social media, images of Boity covered in crimson wine from the glass Bujy is said to have smacked her with went viral.

Bujy has been experiencing lows ever since, not realizing how much he was dealing with.

He admitted how challenging the past few months have been for him.

“In this country, GBV is a highly delicate subject. A dear buddy of mine was recently beaten to a pulp by a lover. So, if someone asserts that the altercation involved GBV, I simply respond that everyone in this room is an adult and is aware of what took on at the hotel. Let the legal system run its course. I want to utilize this time to heal, for me,” he reportedly said.

Then he admitted that he missed out on a lot of things, including his house and two television jobs. Additionally, a DJ gig.

“I didn’t watch two TV programmes. I was meant to shoot the first one last year, and the second one would be arriving this year. Thus, they are all lost. I am aware that they are both currently airing on television. I’ve witnessed them. Even though I had a residency in deejaying, they had placed me on hold and stated they wanted to know what was going on right now before I could return. So many people avoided touching me. Others said it was premature for me to begin scheduling the work, he claimed.

He appreciates his family’s and his fans’ support.

Speaking on the entire affair, he declared that he would let the truth to come out, saying, “It was more [a case] of who is more popular, who is more credible, and it was simple for me to stay silent for the longest time because I am a man. I’ve made the decision not to argue because I promised myself that the truth will come out when the moment is right.

Since then, he has been associated with abuse and gender-based violence. He participated in the Khuzekani Madoda march to protest gender-based violence, but he also faced some criticism for it.


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