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Warning: Heavy love is blind pervert me

I don’t know about you, but I assumed (false) Love is Blind: After the Altar A Q&A style reunion will be special. I Was Wrong: It’s Actually Three Episodes That Mainly Follow The Cast On Weekends Natalie’s Birthday back in March.

There are two big elephants in the room: Season 2’s two married couples (Nick and Danielle and Jarrett and Iyana) have since announced their divorce. after the altar was filmed. However, they are all still together in the episode.

So, for the good of humanity, I saw after the altar – And here’s what I learned:


Let’s start things off with Shayne and Natalie. Shayne describes their post-show relationship as “re-engaged, non-engaged, on and off”. According to Shayne, the last time she heard a text about Natalie said that she “never wants to talk”. [him] Never again.” Also, and I can’t stress this enough: Shayne wears a headband now.


Shaina is in a relationship with a man named Christos. We know he is Greek, dramatic, older than Shaina and a Christian. One of the first “short speech” questions she asked him was, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” He announced that he was engaged on the show.


Now, Natalie’s account of where things get spicy. She claimed that there were “flirt messages” between Shayne and Shayne – Natalie was with Shayne and Shaina was with Christos – and that’s why Natalie broke up with Shayne.


According to Natalie, the messages included things like how wild their sex life would be — and what would happen if they ended up together.


“I think she was in a secret relationship with Shayne,” said Natalie frankly when Shayne attends an ’80s-themed party. “In my eyes, she was the other woman.”


Both Shaina and Shayne deny this. “There’s never been anything unfair with Shayne,” Shayne insists, calling Natalie’s account a “little high school drama.” Amazingly, she admits that the most inappropriate message she sent to Shayne was calling her “sweet baby.” Shaina plays it like it’s NBD.


Shayne continues, “I really don’t understand what’s so reprehensible about me and Shaina DMing each other.” “When it comes to Natalie, if I blink at Shaina, it would be scandalous.” Hmmmm.


Let’s move on to Jarrett and Iyana. The problems are clear from the get-go: Iyana has already passed out.


The core of the issue is Jarrett’s broader party. “I don’t want to be there, because it bothers me that I have to wait for hours for her to come home,” Iyana says. “We have to have the same conversation over and over again. … He’s immature.”


Jarrett is acutely aware of this, but struggles throughout the episode to figure out what to do. Things seem hopeful by the end, and he even says, “I am committed to this lifelong partnership with you.” Alas, we know it doesn’t work.

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Little is known about why Nick and Daniels broke up. Things feel pretty uneven between the two throughout the episode, and we end with Danielle saying she offered Nick sexual favors in exchange for trying new foods (don’t get me started on the list of foods that Nick doesn’t eat). Guess we’ll have to go somewhere else for that bandh!


Sal is in a relationship with a woman named Jesse, and the show sets out to show just how “uncomfortable” it is for Mallory to be around him. Jesse and Sal both feel the need to clear the air with Mallory, to which she awkwardly replies, “You guys didn’t need to say anything.”


Sal, in conversation with his sisters, also thinks of getting engaged to Jesse and shows them the ring he has bought. He also takes this moment to talk with Mallory about an incident during filming. “A week before our wedding, we had made plans … I didn’t hear from her for two hours,” he recalls, recalling how he walked home and saw her in a strange car. “Mallory is drunk with some random guy out there.”


For some reason, it’s in the post-credits scene that Mallory refuses to stand up to Sal, saying she was with one of her oldest friends. Also in the post-credits scene, Shayne is challenging Natalie to release alleged messages between him and Shayne. I honestly wouldn’t have noticed that there were visuals, if I hadn’t had to take pictures for this post.


Before we get to Deepti and Kyle’s update, I want to touch on a few random things. First, don’t shake. Sheik told TMZ That the show “begged” him to appear, but he didn’t “trust” how he was portrayed. He hasn’t missed.


Secondly, these episodes smell of alcohol. Gold balls are practically flowing in a way that feels incredibly stark. I’m curious to see if others notice as well.


In the end, Deepti and Kyle begin the episode in a “situation”, meaning they see each other several times a week, call each other their “best friends”, are attracted to each other. but are afraid to take a step, lest they lose their friendship.


Fear not, by the end of the show, they are in a relationship. “After all, I want him to be my husband,” adds Deepti, should we forget the passion of marriage love is blind.

There we have it! Was there anything that surprised you? LMK in the comments!

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