AKA speaks about his collaboration with A-Reece

AKA speaks about his collaboration with A-Reece

AKA speaks about his collaboration with A-Reece.

The rapper conversed greatly with his fans about his forthcoming project, Mass Country which is expected to drop within the first quarter of 2023.

While speaking about the release date, a curious fan asked if there’s any song with A-Reece.

@akaworldwide now that you’ve made music with @FlvmeSA and @Nasty_CSA . Are we getting music with A-reece anytime soon?,” a fan questioned.

The rapper responded positively which got his fans excited about all he has to serve this year.

“When I get back I’m actually supposed to link up with Reece, we were working on something for my album. Flvme? We not finished yet … we have to link up again for sure. Im sure this is the year,” Kiernan Forbes wrote.


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