ALBUM: Kae Chaps – Its Not Me Its You

ALBUM: Kae Chaps – Its Not Me Its You

Kae Chaps – Its Not Me Its You Album MP3 Lyrics Download (Song)

Rapper and composer Kae Chaps from Zimbabwe has published his much anticipated album, titled “Its Not Me Its You,” for the year 2022.

You may listen to thirteen (13) songs from Kae Chaps’s latest album, “Its Not Me Its You Album,” which features Holy Ten, Nutty O, Ti Gonzi, and others.

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1. Kae Chaps – Head High (Intro)

2. Kae Chaps – Pasi ft. Holy Ten

3. Kae Chaps – Vana Vangu ft. Nutty O

4. Kae Chaps – Sorry Boyz ft. JNR Brown

5. Kae Chaps – Mota Inomhanya (Interlude)

6. Kae Chaps – Peace of Mind ft. Gemma Griffiths

7. Kae Chaps – Let It Burn ft. NokuTenda

8. Kae Chaps – Chandinoda Kuzivira

9. Kae Chaps – Let Me Down ft. Killz

10. Kae Chaps – Hwisiri

11. Kae Chaps – Nemoyo ft. Ti Gonzi

12. Kae Chaps – Mad At Me (Outro Before the Outro)

13. Kae Chaps – I Don’t Wanna See You Again (Outro Outro)



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