Alex Unusual calls out airline for endangering customers lives

Alex Unusual calls out airline for endangering customers lives

Reality Tv star, Alex Unusual has called out a popular aircraft for endangering the lives of their customers.

Alex states that for a while now, he has been asked to look away from certain things but this time, they have taken the piss.

Alex Unusual calls out airline for endangering customers lives

In a lenghty post, Alex recounts how she boarded the airline with technical issues that was only detected mid-air.

This caused them to fly back to Lagos, after being airbound for about 1 hour, noting that she almost fainted due to the turbulence.

She wrote:

“I do understand that most times, when things happen, I’m adviced to keep shut and be careful because calling out a brand might be a bad signal to others that were or will consider working with you but NO, not today. If nobody is going to say anything, without fear, I will.

I’ve been cracking jokes about the numerous unfortunate events I’ve had with @flyairpeace in recent days but this is the height of it.

How can you tell me that an aircraft took off and a technical issue was detected mid air causing us to turn back to Lagos after flying for almost an hour because there are no technicians at our destination to fix it?

Why take off in the first place because some of us noticed an issue while taking off but stayed calm because we felt we might have been overthinking things?

How can you joke with the lives of your customers like that? I presume an official statement with plenty jargons will be released but this is unacceptable.
The turbulence after announcement was enough to make someone pass out and nobody said anything to calm Passangers down.

How I stayed calm, I still can’t tell because I’m usually the first to raise an alarm. I’ve gotten to a point where it looks like I’m ready for anything in this country and it’s terrible.

Nothing is actually working like it should, lives are no longer important the way they should be. @flyairpeace fix yourselves!!!!

The landing was mentally stressful. It felt like the tires weren’t responding, we kept going up and down, turning round.

I’m too pissed and still shaking but I look calm because some people have to be strong for so others.
This is just terrible.

I’m too tired to read for typos biko.”

Alex Unusual calls out airline for endangering customers lives

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