Avoid these interview mistakes in 2023

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It’s 2023 and people are all set to welcome the new year with a bang.

People have already thought about their new year resolutions and quite surprisingly, acing a job interview the right way has gained popularity as a new year’s resolution.

It is quite common for people to make mistakes in an interview that can determine the course of one’s career.

Here are some mistakes that you should definitely avoid in an interview.

1. Appearing uninterested

Be cautious about how you present yourself in front of the interviewer. Participate in the discussion and answer questions eagerly. Give thoughtful answers and even take a pause if needed.

2. Answering phone

Never ever answer a phone call or a text during an interview. Or else this will show that you have no interview etiquette. Put your phone on vibration mode because for those 15 to 20 minutes, you should give your undivided attention to the interviewer.

3. Dressing inappropriately

Never turn up to an interview wearing interview-inappropriate clothes. Wear a crisp suit to an interview because this will show that you have put quite the effort into presenting yourself in the interview.

4. Talking negatively about previous employers

Avoid talking negatively about your previous employers because this can showcase you as a critical and negative employee. The interviewer may refrain from taking you in due to this attitude.

5. Fumbling questions

When you fail in answering questions correctly and end up fumbling in front of the interviewer, it can portray a very bad impression of yourself! Focus and keep your head clear. Take plenty of time for yourself.

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