Babes Wodumo gains access to Mampintsha’s phone (Video)

Babes Wodumo gains access to Mampintsha’s phone (Video)

Babes Wodumo expresses excitement upon gaining access to her late husband, Mandla Mampintsha’s phone.

In a video shared on Facebook, the Gqom star claimed to have gotten the password to Mandla’s phone.

The news stirred lots of people and triggered mixed reactions as it is believed that hell will be let loose should Wodumo reveal names of female celebs and other women who disturbed her husband before he died.

A few months before Mampintsha died, Babes Wodumo accused him of defrauding and cheating her.

“When I log into his Instagram, I see the messages he sends to other female celebrities that I know, some of them have told him to stop it because they know he is married to me. Then he brushes them off by giving them compliments. He sends them the fire emojis and flirts with them, which is so embarassing,” she said.

“He is hurting me both at work and at home. When I fire these girls and get new dancers, he does the same even with those ones.”

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