BBNaija Lucy Edet appreciates fans who congratulated her over her ‘baby bump’

BBNaija Lucy Edet appreciates fans who congratulated her over her ‘baby bump’
BBNaija Lucy Edet appreciates fans who congratulated her over her ‘baby bump’

Big Brother Naija ex-housemate Lucy Edet a few days ago got fans and colleagues asking if she’s pregnant and expecting her first child.

The reality star confused people with a photo she shared on her verified Instagram page recently, showing off what looks like a baby bump, despite the fact that Lucy Edet made sure to mention that it’s not what people think, it didn’t stop the assumptions.

“Is Lucy Edet pregnant’ – fans queried.

The entrepreneur shared a new photo on her page and seemed to be showing off her protruding stomach, especially with the way she posed.

“It’s not what you think!”,she captioned her post, yet fans and colleagues alike congratulated her insinuating she’s expecting her first child.

Well, Lucy Edet is not pregnant and she has cleared the doubts of everyone on what really made her stomach big like an expectant mother.

Taking to her page moments ago, she wrote: “The way you guys were happy for me made me wanna have a baby. Thanks so much for the support and love. Hopefully, sometime in the future, God will bless me with a baby when I am ready and in His time. For now, it was just a heavy breakfast.”

Recall that in an earlier interview, Lucy Edet, had said that she is no longer excited about marriage as she clocked 32.

She said: “I have been very stubborn about it (marriage) and my mother has come to accept that marriage may not be for me. Perhaps, I will just have a child. She (mother) told me two days ago that I should just produce a child and I laughed.

“Pressure for marriage isn’t for me because I am more concerned about connecting and living happily with the right person. Until I am able to build my life around that person, I don’t think I want to settle down.

“If I feel pressured to get married, I could have done that since I used to be crazy about marriage; but not anymore.”

Lucy, who has often been accused of reducing her age, said, “People should leave me alone because it is my age and my choice. I feel it is society that has caused that because many people reduce their ages just to get jobs or to be accepted in the society. But, that has never made sense to me. I have always stuck with my real age.

“I don’t see why someone’s thoughts about me should bother me. As long as you are speaking the truth, I won’t be angry about it. However, I have issues with people making up stories. I have heard so many things about me that shocked me.”

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