Bella Shmurda speaks on his motivation to keep going

Bella Shmurda speaks on his motivation to keep going
Bella Shmurda speaks on his motivation to keep going

The singer has strived to keep his unique sound in the music space since he first surfaced in 2020.

Popular singer Akinyibi Ahmed, better known as Bella Shmurda, has revealed his reasons for joining the music industry and working so hard.

He shared his truth in a Twitter post on Wednesday, November 30. The ‘vision 2020’ crooner said he is “hustling“ to make things better for his family.

“Came from humble families, old houses and small towns with sad stories. I’m legit not hustling to impress or compete with anyone out here. I changed the storyline already, won the battles my parents never won. Lots of love to everyone, more appreciation to my family,” he said.

In the months leading to this, Shmurda narrated how he lavishly spent money during the early phases of his career in a recent interview.

“I used to have money, like enough money but I rushed things. As I was getting the money, I was just buying a lot of things; things I wouldn’t eventually need,” he said. “So at this point, as I’m getting new money I have to think about every move I want to take. There were up to 10 friends staying with me then in a four bedrooms apartment and we would still carry women.”

The singer also talked about how he bought three cars at once, just so his friends could “fill up“ the car whenever he wanted to go out.

In his words, “Then I wanted to get a car, I bought three cars at once because if I want to go out I would want my boys to fill up another so we can be in a convoy. I went to the club one day, I spent N2 million in the club. Now, I can still spend N2 million in a day but it should be something I can account for.”

Shmurda rose to prominence after Olamide recognized his song ‘Vision 2020’. With several hit songs to his credit, he stands as a promising Nigerian artist with the potential to hold the forefront of the music industry.

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