‘Big Sky’ premiere recap: Season 3, Episode 1 – Reba McEntire debuts

I know big sky Season 3 is officially subtitled deadly way, But in my mind, I’m going with company of three,

After all, Jensen Ackles’ Sheriff Beau Arlen has created the cutest, prettiest, funniest dynamic between Cassie, Jenny, and Beau. And while the two of those three may end up as romantic partners as the episodes roll, I’m very much enjoying the way they’re all interacting as the season goes on.

But put those hot fuzzies aside for a moment, because we have a case to solve! Read on for highlights from the premiere, “Do You Love an Apple.”

Unhappy Trails , Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” The soundtrack is pumping as a hiker sets out on a trail, and everything is going great until he reaches a rocky edge and finds an old school tape recorder playing some music.. .and then looks at the creepy man (played by) SalemSeth Gabel!) holding a knife right behind him. The man is preparing to kill a dead deer nearby, and he asks for help, but the hiker reads the room and quickly withdraws himself from the situation. Much later, when the hiker stops to sip from his water bottle and gaze at the views, the creepy man is there to greet him. And as he moves forward, the climber falls backwards off a cliff.

Meanwhile, Jenny is cornered by Devell and Hoyt to catch up with Cassie and Denise for a bit. Word on the street is that temporary acting Sheriff Beau Arlen is going to be sticking around. Jenny hasn’t met his ex-wife yet, but she and Cassie are both heartbroken about the way Beau talks about his daughter with love. In Other Housekeeping, we learn that Lindor and Jerry are following the syndicate, and Cassie makes it very clear that it’s okay with her, as they break up. “We’re better off as friends,” she says. “He and Jerry are a great match.” ,we know,

The women briefly discussed how Cassie would search for the missing backpacker, whose family is concerned and in touch. Then Beau pauses just long enough to be ridiculously charming — seriously, I wonder how funny that scene would have been if the actor had been playing the new sheriff. were not Jensen Ackles – And then he and Jenny make out.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-masentaironly friend , Along the way, they pass an ad for Tony’s real estate business. Jenny is still furious that Tanya isn’t in prison, and when Beau is advising her to do some visualizations to help manage her anger, they see a man running around in his briefs and socks. is… nothing more. Turns out, it’s a corrections officer who was carrying a female prisoner, and he jumped on her. So now, he’s “armed, menacing and dressed like a prison guard,” Arlene says, summarizing the situation.

At the station, Jenny and Beau quickly discover that the almost naked officer is lying. “Well, he seduced me,” he admits. His story of embarrassment is interrupted when he receives a call that a female prison guard is holding a local market.

By the time they arrive, the woman has gone too far, but security footage shows that she has taken the manager of the market hostage. Turns out, he is the brother of her ex-boyfriend, whom she blames for his imprisonment.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-masentairWhile Jenny takes Beau to investigate, they talk with Ms. Devell about her standing movie-night plans. “Is it weird to you that I’m friends with Cassie?” She wondered. “Are you really Friend?” she asks, teasing. He says that he and Cassie have bonded over the past few months, but it’s nothing romantic, and he proves it by inviting Jenny to watch a movie with them. , their conversation is interrupted when they arrive at the market manager’s apartment building, and the hostage collapses on the car from an upper level balcony.

Beau stays with the guy – he’s still alive – while Jenny investigates, ignoring his advice to call for backup. All she finds inside her are clues that a child is involved. A little research reveals that the prisoner, named Faith, breaks up to meet the former little girl who calls her “mommy” before the child goes away. And as Faith finds the girl at her aunt’s house, Jenny and Beau come to the scene and tell Faith to drop her gun. Jenny is inclined to handcuff Faith quickly, but Sheriff Arlen suggests she give him a minute to say goodbye. She does.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-masentairsunny days are here , Outside the city, a woman named Sunny (rebaReba McEntire) and her husband, Buck (young sheldonK Rex Linen) finalizes their new glamping site. And when Cassie starts looking for the hiker, she comes to the site. Sunny calls his son Cormack (blind spotLuke Mitchell!), to look at the picture of the missing boy, and it is clear that there is something at stake between him and Ms. Devell. Anyway, Sunny promises to keep an eye on the missing outdoor enthusiast.

Very soon, it’s time for Sunny’s guests to arrive. Avery in the group (LostHenry Ian Cusick) and his daughter Emily; as well as Paige (gracepointMadeline Hotcher) and Luke (never have I everAnirudh Pisharodi), a young couple.

Back at the office, Denise has made a connection: The path the backpacker disappeared was the site of a brutal mutilation/murder years earlier—the poor girl’s heart was cut out. Which probably means it’s not a big deal that Luke and Paige, still bickering, are headed down that path. Also interesting: Emily lurks nearby, and when Sunny catches her doing this, we learn that Emily’s father gave her a knife with her name on it, and that she is a part of “secrets and lies”. Thinking about pulling together a podcast.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-masentairAt dinner camp, Luke is missing. Paige finds her in the woods and teases her with her bad mood, only to have her make-up makeout session interrupted by some loud music (as we heard Creepy Guy playing at the beginning of the hour) and blood dripping. On Paige’s face from above.

Sunny and Buck investigate and find a crushed coyote on the couple’s upstairs, calling the matter “nature” and nothing more. And oddly enough, Luke is fine with it and happy to be with.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1But things are certainly not as healthy as they first appeared. Later that night, Sunny sits in front of a campfire… and burns the backpacker’s picture Cassie had left with her. Then she takes a twirl on the flames and walks away humming to the dark forest. “I know you are there. Mama bring you a treat,” she calls out in the dark. The creepy boy walks out, and Sunny is happy to see him. “There you are,” she says, smiling at him. Flashlight shines on the face.

big-sky-premier-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-masentairit all becomes clear , Movie night in Beau’s Airstream trailer turns into a group thing, with Jenny taking the sheriff up on her proposal. At one point he turns away for a moment to make a call, and that’s when we learn that Emily of the Glamping Group is his daughter. (but We Knew That Already, Right TVLiners,

“Sunny is great, and Emily is probably having a really good time,” Cassie tells him, but it doesn’t do much to assuage her sense that she is missing in her life — and not stepfather Avery. Is. Cassie advises, “You’re there for him when he needs you no matter what.” “You should tell her. Tell her how much she means to you,” Jenny continues. Then they tease her a bit, and I am surprised to find out how much I am sending them all. Together, Separately, I don’t care!

Order! , Dono found a job as a cook at Blue Fox Diner, which Tonya now owns. Cassie finds him there, and they exchange some thorny words about how illegally Tonya became a legitimate businessman. Then Cassie announces that she wants to buy Mountain Ranch. “My father left me some money. That farm was his dream,” she says. Initially, Tonya is resistant. But then Cassie brings up the drug lab in the basement, and the murders, and how Tonya has to disclose this to any potential buyers. “I’ll send you an offer. It would be a fair one. If I were you, I’d take it,” Cassie says, leaving. Tanya finally does: The farm belongs to Cassie.

now it’s your turn. grade big skyCome back via voting below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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