Bold and Beautiful recap: Taylor tells Brooke Ridge that she loves both

“Enough is enough,” Brooke declared, picking up her conversation with Taylor where she left off on yesterday’s episode. She’s totally and completely on Steffi coming between him and Ridge. “She crossed the line! She wouldn’t let me talk to my own husband!” Brooke described the behavior as immature and abusive, prompting Taylor’s hackles to go up. Taylor says she is hearing about Steffi’s behavior for the first time, which means she can’t believe it because It’s coming from Brooke. But if there’s any truth to it, she’ll talk to Taylor. Fearless, Brooke urges Taylor to stop Steffi from interfering… TODAY!

Taylor Arguments Brooke B&B

Taylor jokes that she will field Steffi as soon as she gets home. Brooke doesn’t understand why Steffi isn’t focused on her family and the miracle of Finn’s return, but Taylor says her daughter is worried about Ridge’s injury. “I see,” said Brooke. “So I’m a monster because of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, but Steffi, no, she’s a sweet little angel!” Taylor suggests that there is a difference between making a mistake and making the same mistake over and over, as Brooke has done “for decades”. Brooke counters that Ridge chose her over and over again. “We don’t call each other ‘luck,’ because it sounds cute,” she says with a completely straight face. “We call each other fate because nothing or no one will ever come between us!”

Ridge Taylor Kiss B&B

Taylor says she doesn’t think Brooke makes Ridge happy, adding that she’s not the housewife the blonde sees in her. Brooke brings Taylor and Ridge’s kiss to Monaco. “It was a moment,” admits Taylor. “Yes,” responds Brooke, “it was a moment … with my husband!” She understands that her feelings for what happened in Monaco may have prompted Ridge to hold on to that moment. “But you,” says Brooke. “I think you knew exactly what you were doing. You see, you act all sweet and innocent and caring, but really, you’re too manipulative. Whatever you want Say it, but the fact is that you turned your back on my husband.”

Bold Beautiful Paris Hope Office

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Paris asks Hope if all is well between her and Steffi. Asha says things are fine, but Paris knows better. Asha doesn’t want to interrupt Paris, but Paris insists that she can handle it. Asha assumes that the situation is bad… and may soon get worse. “It’s bigger than just Steffi and me,” he says, adding that there is family history involved and going on from before either of the two was born. Just then, Thomas enters, so Paris hastily retreats, leaving Douglas’ parents alone to talk.

Thomas Hope Truth B&B

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Hope asks Thomas if he knew about Steffi blocking Brooke’s access to the ridge the night before. He reluctantly states that maybe his sister has gone too far, but adds that the whole situation is complicated. After all, Brooke has hurt Ridge in the past. The opposite is also true, Hope explains, that her mother is doing everything in her power to make up for those past mistakes. “I hope you all understand this,” she says. After all, Thomas is trying to prove that he is a new and better version of himself. As their conversation continues, Thomas, terrified, let’s slip that “we” are trying to save Ridge from Brooke. “I’m sorry, ‘we are’?” Picks up Hope, demanding to know if he really knows what Steffi did last night. Stating that he would never lie to her, Thomas states that he not only knew, but was standing beside Steffi when it happened. He then explains how things went down, not to downplay Steffi’s actions. But, he adds, “If a missed call can ruin a relationship, then the relationship is not so good.”

Bill Lee regrets B&B

Bill ends up having a meeting at Il Giardano with a woman named JJ. He’s planning a big release party and needs her help to get to the spot, no matter the cost. He eventually agrees – because who can say no to a dollar bill? — and exits just as Lee is entering the restaurant. They quickly catch up, and he convinces her to join him for lunch. Sure, he’s already eaten, but he’s totally happy to be doing it again!

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Lee admitted that he should have told Steffi that Finn was alive. However, Bill excuses his mistake, noting that she was trying to save his son. “Finn is lucky to have a mother who loves him dearly. As they chew, Bill claims that when he saw Lee on that fateful night, he felt “all of the fire and passion” in her eyes. She could see that, and that’s why he was attracted to her. She thanks him for being so kind in reaching out to her, adding that she played a vital role in reuniting Finn and Steffi.” You’re a good man, Bill.” He struggles to accept the praise, admitting, “I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of.” In the end, they form a mutual appreciation society, In which he says how happy it is to have such a strong, beautiful, accomplished woman in his form.

In the final moments, Thomas and Hope try to find common ground. “I don’t know who makes it worse,” he thinks, “our mom or our dad.” they find themselves quoting Romeo and Juliet (“Two families, both equally in dignity, from ancient rancor to new rebellion”), adding that if they can both resolve it, so can they. “You know they both died in the end, right?” Reminds me of hope. Laughing, he admits it was a terrible analogy, then praises the way he has handled the situation. He tries to make her see that he and Steffi are as worried about their mother as Hope is about her.

Taylor faces Brooke B&B.  happened from

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And at Steffi’s house, Taylor actually apologizes to Brooke. “That kiss was not planned, and I had no intention of making a play for your husband in Monaco.” Brooke asks how she is supposed to believe, given their history. “Because as much as we fight,” Taylor replies, “I don’t want to hurt you, Brooke. Seeing you in pain doesn’t do anything for me. But I love Ridge too. And I always do.” Both women believe that Ridge knows them better than anyone else. “We both love your husband,” Taylor sighed, as though she and Brooke were only feeling it now. “And he’s trying his best to figure out if he wants to be in his marriage with you or move on to a new life with me.”

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