Bolt drops the Prospect Showcase opener in Nashville

The Tampa Bay Lightning opened the game at the 2022 Prospect Showcase Friday with a 5-2 loss to the Nashville Predators at the Invisline Arena in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Bolts started the game with a forceful push and the game went on for the first five minutes of the contest before a tripping penalty. Lucas Edmonds Sent Nashville to the power play. Hugo Alanfeldt made some good saves to start the penalty kill and allowed Tampa Bay to clear the zone twice before Yegor Afanasyev found himself alone at the back door and fired a shot top shelf to give the hunters 11 minutes to go. Gave it a 1-0 lead. remaining in the initial frame.

After the goal, Lightning responded with another strong push and was nearly capitalized when Edmonds sent a good pass. Declan CarlileJoe nearly gave a shot to Yaroslav Askarov, but the Russian netminder saved and the game went to a 1-0 lead with Nashville at the first half.

Nashville started early in the mid-frame and took a 2-0 lead in just 57 seconds in the period when a Mark Del Gazzo from point one found his way through traffic and propelled Alnefelt into the top right corner.

Again, Bolt answered with some strong play and extended field time. That began to materialize with some big hits from Tyson Feist and Sean Element, which gave Tampa Bay some juice in period form.

As the lightning continued to push, the top line of Gabriel Fortier, jack finley And Gauge Goncalves Nashville began to create some great opportunities in the area. The trio did a good job cycling the puck to the offensive end and saw some quality on target, but were not able to locate the back of the net. While the goal for Finlay’s line didn’t come through, he enjoyed playing with two of his classmates and felt that the chemistry would continue to grow as the weekend progressed.

Video: Jack Finlay | postgame vs nashville

“Both Gage and Fort are really good players,” Finlay said. “I know them both really well. I spent a little time at Syracuse during the COVID year and practiced a lot with them and I played with them a little bit.

“They’re both really smart players. Fortress can fly and Gage is a great playmate, so I think all of our games really complement each other, so it was fun.

“I think everyone is a little rough. Nobody has played hockey in a few months, so I think it was a little difficult with the bat, but once everyone settled down and we stuck to our system which coaches have given us, I thought we did better.”

With 2:20 remaining in the second, Nashville had a Grade-A scoring opportunity and nearly made it a game 3–0, but Ellenfeldt was up to the task and had several greats on the day to keep the deficit at two. One of the savings made. ,

Bolt, built from that save, flew down the ice and immediately hit the hunter’s field with a penalty of 1:44. Power Play was able to look some more quality on target, but Askarov made some big saves at the end of the period to keep Nashville’s lead 2–0 as the horn sounded marking the end of the mid-frame.

After the Predators took back-to-back penalties in the first half of the third period, Lightning found themselves with a 5-on-3 advantage for 29 seconds and broke Askarov’s shutout to pull within one. A shot on goal was followed by a loose puck in front, Felix Robert Immediately jumped on it and jammed it home to make it a 2-1 game.

Robert, who signed a two-year entry-level deal with Tampa Bay in July, had a strong game on Friday. He saw time in special teams and was active throughout the game with strong forechecking and a consistent motor. His goal was the first for Bolt at the Prospect Showcase after scoring 16 goals with the American Hockey League’s Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins last season.

“It’s always good to score,” said Robert. “Next game, we want to win.

“Obviously, in the first couple of games it’s about getting up to speed and getting the timing. It’s nice to be on the ice with all the rookies. It was a fun game.”

Video: Felix Robert | postgame vs nashville

With 8:50 left in the third after another huge, point blank save from Alnefelt, you can feel Lightning gaining some momentum and energy. felt that energy when nick parbix Stepped into neutral territory and pursued one of the hunters who was running through the ice with the puck. The hit drew a large crowd and Declan Carlyle left in regulation 7:57 with Cameron Hausinger dropping the glove.

Nashville gained some spark from the fight and took a two-goal lead with 5:27 remaining in regulation. Shortly after, when Elementor reacted to the hit, anger continued to flare up. jack thompson And Navreen dropped the gloves with peas.

Boult, who was trailing two, pulled Allenfeldt for a sixth attacker, but the Predators found 3:53 behind an empty net to extend their lead to 4-1. Tampa Bay continued the fight until the final whistle, with Fortier scoring just 43 seconds after Nashville’s fourth goal, but the Predators added another empty-net goal and skated to a 5–2 victory.

“We played fast,” said Robert. “We worked harder. Maybe a little more timing, a little more five-man play, the net got pucked up, the traffic. We just need to score some dirty goals.”

The Bolts will have practice day on Saturday before facing the Florida Panthers at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. All 2022 Prospect Showcase Games are being broadcast live on

“I like the pace we’re bringing,” said Robert. “Everyone is good, so we have to find a way to score.

“The pace was there. Just keep up the pace and we’ll get our chances.”


  • While the Fortierfinlay-Goncalves line was the most consistent in my eyes, the Lightning got some strong play from the trio of Felix Robert, Ilya Usau and Cole Koepke. Koepke looked strong on the puck and was a challenge for the Nashville defenders down the goal line. Robert’s energy juxtaposed well with Koepke’s size and prowess. Robert has a waterbug style of play about him and was very active throughout the game. Koepke had a grueling shot block and PK had a penalty in the defensive zone.
  • 2022 third-round pick Lucas Edmonds made his Lightning debut with Sean Element and Bennett MacArthur. I felt that as the game progressed, Edmonds got better and got some rest on the ice. As the game progressed, his line generated some solid field time, including a long innings late in the second period. Element came with good energy and had a good shot block of his own. His reaction of dropping the glove to a hit on Jack Thompson was not noticed by his teammates.
  • Despite scoring five goals on the board for Nashville, Hugo Allenfeldt played a strong game between the pipes for Tampa Bay. Keep in mind, two out of five Predator goals were the height of the empty net. Allenfeldt made some pretty decent saves, including a post-to-post stop from point-blank range and an impressive save on a tricky deflection from the low slot.
  • I was impressed with Deccan Carlyle’s game on the back end. Carlyle displayed some smooth skating and made some good exits from his own end. He seemed comfortable. roman schmidt Plays very well even for a player of his size and doesn’t take away from the physical aspect of the game. He was also active with some shot blocks. 2022 seventh-round pick Dylan Gill got better with the game and looked more comfortable on a pair with Jack Thompson.
  • As mentioned earlier, FortierFinley-Goncalves shares a top line with more mature, experienced players for the Prospect showcase. The chemistry should continue to improve as the event rolls on. All three were good at maintaining forecheck and zone time. Finlay is a presence with its size.

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