Britney Spears Faces Backlash for Body Shaming Christina Aguilera’s Dancers

Britney Spears has addressed her controversial instagram post With a new, longer statement shared on her page about “looking thin.”

In case you missed it, Britney reposted a quote on Tuesday, claiming that the “only” way to “look skinny” is to “walk around with fat guys.”

“I found there was only one way to look thinner: hang out with fat people,” read the message.

And in the caption accompanying the quote, Britney also dropped the name of Christina Aguilera’s dancers, claiming she looked “extremely younger” on stage they were supporting her.

“I wish I could choose a nanny for my kids… my dancers… I mean if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would look a lot younger,” she wrote.

“I mean why not talk about it? Don’t you think my confidence would have been a little better if I could choose where I lived, ate, whom I called, dated and who was on stage with me!! !” he questioned.

“Sometimes it’s hard, now I see how much of my femininity was taken away at that time and everybody sat back and said nothing!!! Anyway… I’m here talking about those things I am something people have never talked about,” she added.

Within moments after the post went live, Britney’s message was met with several critical comments calling her for the “disgusting” message.

One person wrote, “You can speak your truth without trying to hurt anyone.” “I am very disappointed,” added another.

“What the fuck is this? Fatphobia? Why would you want to take up less space after what you’ve done? Why do you want to let someone down or make someone feel small? Use your platform responsibly. Do better, One user wrote, while another echoed: “This meme is disgusting! How dare you post this for millions of young girls to read.”

Calling the whole thing “toxic”, some also revealed that she had unfollowed Britney as a result of the post, while others said it could be “harmful” for people who experience eating disorders. We do.

“It’s very toxic. Gotta pass on it… oh,” read one person. “Is the only thing that makes a woman believe how skinny she is? That’s sad,” said another.

And things only took off when it was reported that Christina herself had unfollowed Brittany as well.

Christina Aguilera has unfollowed Britney Spears after Spears body-shamed Aguilera and her dancers in a recent Instagram post.

Twitter: @PopCrave

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans were equally critical of Britney’s post, labeling the message “extremely fatobic”.

“Umm WTF Britney? This is extremely fatphobic, fat people are not your props to show how skinny you are. This doesn’t sit right with me,” tweeted one person.

Umm WTF Britney? It is extremely fatphobic, fat people are not your prop to show how thin you are. It doesn’t sit right with me. And ppl are definitely going to drag him for this as well.

Twitter: @rsernacne2

“Just because she’s Britney Spears doesn’t mean the fatphobic post was all right,” wrote another.

Twitter: @evamtlmn

Well, after all the backlash, Britney — whose name was trending on Twitter — actually addressed the topic herself, claiming she wasn’t “trying to criticize anyone.”

“I was not criticizing Christina’s beautiful body in any way, that’s what it is!!! I once flew to see her show and the main thing I noticed was the difference of our people on stage!! !” She wrote in a separate Instagram post.

“I never mentioned Christina, look at my post!!! I was inspired by her show and she is a beautiful woman of power… Thank you @xtina To inspire me!!!” he said.

Brittany further explained that her post was a “projection” of her insecurities, which she said stemmed from her years of being under guardianship – something that many fans believed.

Much of Brittany’s life was tightly controlled by her father and a group of lawyers under a legal system that was in place from 2008 to November 2021.

“To be honest, I’m not trying to criticize anyone. What I posted reflects the insecurities I face all the time as a result of how my parents and the media have treated me.” There is a projection,” she wrote.

“I wouldn’t intentionally embarrass someone because I know how it feels… I struggle with it because of how I feel about myself, not because I hate the looks of someone,” she continued .

“I feel like my family knew I was insecure and people were purposefully trying to feed into this insecurity by giving me a choice among the people on stage with me,” she said.

Britney expressed her gratitude to her fans, concluding that she stood by them in her “new life” post-conservatism case. “I appreciate that you are all understanding with me as I explore this new life I am living,” she wrote.

Soon after, some Instagram users thanked Britney for addressing the backlash and explaining the logic behind her message.

“I understand, you have gone through a lot. Sometimes we take abuses the wrong way. Knowing this and accepting it, so soon what you have gone through, is very kind,” one person wrote. “Love the transparency,” added another.

Others, however, maintained their dismay at the singer, urging her not only to delete the post, but also to apologize to Christina’s dancers.

“Ehhhhh no, sorry. The quote is fat embarrassing, and so are the comments about Christina’s dancers. Love you to death, but just delete it and apologize instead of trying to get out of it,” wrote one user .

“Maybe apologies to the back up dancers… #just a thought,” Said another.

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