Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanland split after 2 years of marriage

This is Snow-Var.

Brittany Snow announced her separation from husband Tyler Stanland after two years of marriage.

“After time and consideration, Tyler and I have made the difficult decision to separate,” wrote the 36-year-old “Pitch Perfect” actress Wednesday’s Instagram Post Along with a black and white picture of the pair.

“This decision was made with love and mutual respect for each other. We have realized that we need to take some time and make sure that we are each living our most complete and authentic lives,” she continued.

“We started this journey as best friends and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie.”

Snow signed off saying, “We sincerely appreciate your support and ask for confidentiality as we navigate this new chapter.”

Soon after, Stanland posted almost identical message On his Instagram page with the same picture.

The split coincides with Stanland’s glossy docu-soap “Sailing the OC” — Netflix’s “Sailing Sunset” spinoff, which follows the dramatic lives of Oppenheim Group real estate agents living in or near Newport Beach, Calif. .

“Everyone who knows Tyler and Brittany knows she was not comfortable with the show,” a source told Page Six exclusively. “So he tried his best to keep his marriage and the show separate, but it backfired.”

A second insider echoes, “The show basically destroyed their marriage. Brittany was not happy with what she saw. ,

Reps for Snow and Stanland did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanland on their wedding day
The actress and surfer turned real estate agent married in March 2020.

During an August interview on “Reality Life with Kate Casey” PodcastProfessional surfer-turned-real estate pro, 33, explained why he wanted to keep Snow off the show,

“In this specific season, you won’t see my house, you won’t see my wife,” he said, adding that he wanted to keep “parts” of his life “private” as he entered unscripted space.

“And as time goes on, maybe it will be different,” he elaborated. “But for now, it was something that made me feel safe on such a strange journey.”

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - February 05, 2020

Stanland made his reality TV debut on Netflix’s “Sailing the OC.”

gc images

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - November 18, 2018

Stanland made his reality TV debut on Netflix’s “Sailing the OC.”

gc images


“He has been at the forefront for a while now,” a source said.

Specifically, Stanland – who married Snow March 1, 2020 Malibu Festival – Has proven itself to be a hot commodity among women “selling OC”.

Fellow Agent Kayla Cardona admitted to trying to kiss her off-cameraWhile fellow actors Alex Hall and Polly Brindle shamelessly flirting with her throughout filming.

Hall, 33, for his part, does not regret such conversations with Stanland.

Tyler Stanland and Brittany Snow
A source told Page Six: “Everyone who knows Tyler and Brittany knows she wasn’t comfortable with the show.”
Getty Images

“I really don’t regret it because I would do it again,” she told Page Six earlier this month.

Referring to a scene on the Netflix series in which she and Stanland hug in a group on the beach, Hall said, “I don’t regret it. And whatever I did—what I’ve done on the show that people don’t regret.” Let’s see – I have no regrets about it.”

However, Hall noted that “apologies have been issued” since production wrapped.

“Sailing the OC” Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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