Canada jobs with work permit 2023 | How to Apply

Canada jobs with work permit 2023 are those jobs you can apply for and receive a permit to live in the country while you perform the job. This type of job can be very helpful to people who are not in Canada but wish to migrate to Canada. However, not all jobs are going to give you permission to remain in the country so I will show them to you. 

Canada is one of the best places to migrate to if you are from a developing country. That is because they accept people who have skills regardless of their race and offer equal opportunities to everyone. 

What are Canada jobs with work permits?

They are positions where the employee gets sponsorship from Canada to move into the country. To qualify for this position, the skills you have must be special and no one already in Canada can perform such a job. 

Many travelers wish to get this permit but their skills are so regular that there won’t be an urgent need for them. 

Canada jobs with work permit 2023

Check out some of the best paying jobs in Canada that will sponsor your work permit to the country. 

1. Long haul truck driver 

This is one of the jobs in Canada that can sponsor your permit to the country. However, the position is only for those who have experience driving the type vehicle in Canada. So, you need to learn how to drive a truck in your country then enter Canada and perfect your skill by taking driving programs. Also, if you have not driven in snow before then you can relearn how to drive in such conditions when you arrive in Canada. 

2. Nanny 

The job of a nanny is to take care of a child and as a Foreigner who wishes to secure this position in Canada you should have previous experience. This is not a difficult job and does not require much sophisticated skill. The salary of a nanny in Canada is around $17 per hour. 

3. Child care (live in caregiver) 

This position is different from the position of a nanny but they all take care of a child. So, if you wish to get a work permit to Canada in 2023 then you may have to consider applying for this type of job. The hourly pay of a child caregiver in Canada is around $15 to $30. 

4. Greenhouse worker

Do you have previous experience working in a greenhouse or in Agricultural position? If yes then you can get a Canada work permit if you apply for a greenhouse worker job. This type of position requires you to tend to vegetables and other plants in a greenhouse. You need to know that this is a type of position that requires standing and bending for a long time. The hourly pay rate of a Greenhouse worker ranges from $15 to $40. 

If you have qualifications or experience to apply for any of these positions you can do so by searching for a position of your choice here


There are many Canada jobs with work permits in 2023 but you may need to possess some sort of experience to apply. Also, some of the positions will require the applicant to be present in Canada at the time of application. 

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