Charlie Collier exits Fox Corp to join Roku as president of media

In a sign of big steps to come yearExperienced TV Executive Charlie Collier stepping down as CEO of Fox Entertainment To join the digital distribution platform as president of Roku Media.

Collier will oversee advertising sales and content for channels owned and operated by Roku shown on the streaming platform, which is home to a rapidly growing number of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels, as well as Netflix, a flagship for HBO. Works as a funnel. Max, Disney+, Paramount+ and other subscription streamers.

Collier is set to move to his new position at Roku in late October and will be based in New York.

Collier’s appointment coincides with other senior-level changes at Roku. Two top executives, Mustafa Ojen and Gideon Katz, have been named president as Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood vows to build a “next generation media company.”

Ozgen steps down as president of Roku’s devices while Katz becomes president of consumer experience; Both officers have been senior vice presidents. Collier, Ozgen and Katz all report to Wood.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to further accelerate and grow Roku’s business as a streaming platform built for advertising, and Charlie is the ideal person to help us capitalize on this time,” Wood said. “He is a proven leader who brings vast experience, a history of growing businesses, strong creative instincts, talent relationships and a track record of driving revenue and growth. He helps us achieve even greater success as a next generation media company. will play an important role in

Katzo’s House

Wood also pointed to Roku’s focus on growth outside the US as the reason for the new alignment of operations.

“As Roku grows internationally, these positions will help us focus more on key areas of our business as the global shift to streaming continues,” Wood said. “Charlie, Mustafa and Gideon bring extensive industry knowledge and leadership experience to Roku. I look forward to working with them and their teams as we continue to build and innovate our position… and our overall global footprint. “

The move comes as Roku is under pressure from Wall Street to address the stock’s badly falling price. The digital distribution platform has evolved dramatically over the past decade, reaching an active user base of approx. 63.1 million according to its Q2 earnings report,

As a distributor with significant national reach, Roku has attracted the attention of Hollywood. But for much of 2021, the company’s share price has plummeted — down nearly 74% for the year, closing Thursday at $60.89 per share — amid sector-wide concerns that the streaming platform’s growth is slowing. , especially in the US

Roku’s status as a distributor, which has recently ventured into the original content sector, including its acquisition of Quibi’s programming assets last year, has made the company challenging to investigate by investors in a fish-or-bird sense. has made it. Adding an experienced content development and network programmer to Collier sends a clear message that Wood recognizes that the company has hit an inflection point.

Roku has at times experienced friction over the terms of the deal with major content providers and distributors, including for . also includes HBO Max And youtube tv, Bringing on an executive with Collier’s experience is likely to help smooth those discussions.

However, Roku’s announcement made it clear that overseeing relationships with content providers remains the domain of Ted Citadine, VP of content partnerships, “who continues to lead Roku’s relationships with third-party apps and streaming services.” ”

Mustafa Ojen

Roku said Collier will be tasked with collaborating on a “business strategy” with Citadine and Gil Fuchsberg, senior VP of corporate development and strategic partnerships, with Citadine continuing to report to Fuchsberg.

Roku advertising sales officers Alison Levine (VP of advertising revenue and marketing solutions), Lokman Parampath (VP of advertising product) and Mirjam Lux (VP of international advertising and content) will report to Collier. So does Rob Holmes, VP of Programming.

“Roku is a leader in television streaming and has achieved massive and important relationships with our partners that will continue to be unique and valuable at this critical time in the industry,” said Collier. “As a partner of Roku, I have seen first-hand the power and potential the platform provides to advertisers, partners, content creators and consumers. I look to Roku to drive, grow and bring the company and its partners to a new level. Looking forward to working with the talented team of

Collier’s move to Roku took much of the industry by surprise, including many of his Fox colleagues. Nothing has been said about the successor yet. A Fox spokesperson would only say that the company has a “great team” and a new entertainment chief is expected to be announced soon.

Collier and Fox Corp. described his parting as very cordial. in a statement to Diversity, Lachlan Murdoch, Fox Corp.’s executive chairman and CEO, expressed his gratitude to Collier for helping him rebuild entertainment operations on the Fox studio lot following the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney in 2019. Murdoch cited Collier’s leadership and “unbridled enthusiasm” as key to getting the new company off the ground.

“He and his team have executed a creative strategy in entrepreneurial and profitable ways that have built and supported businesses to position our broadcast leadership for future growth,” Murdoch said.

Collier returned the sentiment: “It’s a privilege and a pleasure to work with many notable Fox collaborators,” he said. “Sincere thanks to Lachlan for the opportunity to be part of the growth of the Fox brand and business.”

Collier joined Fox Corp in late 2018 as the company was being formed by Rupert Murdoch following the sale of his 21st Century Fox assets to Disney, a deal that was completed in March 2019.

Collier is known throughout the TV business as a strong manager of people and a savvy marketer of content. During his tenure at Fox, Collier spearheaded the reconstruction of the company’s entertainment strategy and its production infrastructure following its separation from 21st Century Fox. Collier led the acquisition of Fox’s animation shop Bento Box Entertainment, the TMZ Celebrity and Entertainment News franchise, and the busy production company MarVista Entertainment.

Following the Bento Box deal, Collier backs the creation of a Blockchain Creative Labs unit to take Fox to market The emerging world of NFT and Web3 content applications, He also established the Studio Ramsay Productions joint venture between Fox and superstar TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

In programming, Collier’s watch was the successful expansion of the “9-1-1” drama franchise with the Fox broadcast network’s greatest hits talent competition series “The Masked Singer” and “9-1-1: Lone Star”.

Before joining Fox, he spent 12 years at the AMC network, becoming president in 2008. He helped drive that company’s exponential growth with the success of AMC’s distinctive original series such as “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” and SundanceTV’s “Reform.”

Collier got its start in cable during the 1990s, a major era of development. He worked in advertising sales at Court TV (now Turner’s TruTV) before joining the AMC network in 2006. Prior to Court TV, he held sales-related positions for A+E Networks, Oxygen Media and local TV advertising sales firm Telerep.

Katz joined Roku earlier this year after being part of the team that launched Peacock into his role as president of direct-to-consumer for NBCUniversal. Prior to that, he headed the Sky streaming platform Now and helped launch Virgin Media’s VOD service.

Ojen, a veteran technical executive and Turkish Navy veteran, joined Roku in February 2019. He has led major initiatives for the company including Roku TVs, Roku Players and Roku Ready Soundbars. Prior to Roku, Ozen was the CEO of SmartCam, the maker of Semiconductors. He has held senior roles in technology and engineering firms such as QD Vision, Sigma Designs, CSR, Zoran, Oak Technology, Terralogic and Wind River Systems.

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