Cooper Rush gives Dallas Cowboys last-minute win, eases Dak Prescott’s loss, early season loss

Arlington, Texas – Cooper Rush Not one to show his feelings more publicly, and he wasn’t one to break character after Sunday’s 20-17 win against the Cincinnati Bengals, in which the Dallas Cowboys quarterback led a last-minute drive that ended in a game- The winner ended in a 50-yard field goal.

“Winning NFL games is a lot of fun,” Rush said.

Making a second start to his career, Rush completed 19 of 31 passes for 235 yards and a first-quarter touchdown pass. Noah Brown when filling for the injured post prescottJoe had surgery on his right thumb the day after his season-opening loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Last October, after Prescott was sidelined due to a calf strain, Rush completed 25 of 40 passes for 325 yards, including two touchdown passes, including the game winner. Amari Cooper Beat the Minnesota Vikings 20-16 with 51 seconds to play.

“You just want to do your job, trust your teammates,” Rush said.

According to ESPN Stats and Information Research, Rush became the fifth quarterback since 1966 to lead a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime of his first two careers. other people? Houston’s TJ Yates (2011), Seattle’s John Kitna (2007–08), Minnesota’s Wade Wilson (1983–84) and Chicago’s Virgil Carter (1968).

Last year, the Cowboys were 5-1 when the Rush made his debut. This year, the loss was stinging for the Buccaneers, especially for an offense that didn’t come inside the Tampa Bay 30. It was made worse when it was revealed that Prescott had suffered a fractured thumb that would knock him out for several weeks.

Even owner and general manager Jerry Jones knew how big Sunday’s win was for the Cowboys and the Rush.

“Nobody knows how disappointing our first loss last week was,” Jones said. “We can point to reasons, but it’s not enough. But to come out here with our home crowd and actually beat a young quarterback and beat a team a few months back in the Super Bowl, it was a big deal.” Thing is the tonic for the frustration we had. And we all know how tough these games are that we’re coming, but the main thing is kudos to Cooper Rush. It shows me a lot about him and his principles He laid a working base. He’s done that. He’s gotten better. He knows this offense as well as anyone who breathes and he stepped in there and executed some good.”

After directing a touchdown drive on Dallas’ first two properties and accumulating 150 yards on offense, the Rush-led offense had just 159 yards on the next seven drives, but 57 seconds left in regulation and the score was level, Cowboy replied.

Rush doesn’t remember anything in particular that he said before the final drive.

“It was probably, ‘Let’s go. Here we go. That’s why we do this. It’s our time,'” Rush said. “Those guys, it’s a fun group, a good group, there are many leaders everywhere. Not everyone needs to be excited. They know their job. They know what to do, and you just play ball Huh.”

Rush’s only pass attempt on the final drive was not completed, with three seconds left to hit the clock. He opened the drive with an 8-yard completion cd lamb, which was followed by a diving 12-yard catch from Brown with a tipped pass. Lamb caught 10 yards to bring the Cowboys to the Cincinnati 32.

after running 3 yards Tony PollardThe clock ticked, yet unlike a wild-card loss to the San Francisco 49ers last January, the Cowboys were able to align themselves in time for Rush’s spike, and Brett Mahero Won the game with a 50-yard field goal when time ran out.

“It was a big one for us,” Rush said. “You don’t want to go down 0-2. That first win is needed. The defense clearly kept us in tonight and Brett did his job.”

And Rush did hiss, although Jones said a loss would not have changed the Cowboys’ plan for Prescott’s return.

“When [Prescott] There’s strength, which I don’t know when that will happen, but it won’t be an issue to worry about re-injuring the thumb,” Jones said. You know, he beats every timeline I’ve ever seen or seen. So he has a good chance of doing that, but there’s no question we didn’t put him on IR. I want to be really clear about it – we didn’t wear that [IR], so he can work during these weeks. He can be out, throwing, [and] Of course everything else is included. He couldn’t have done it if we had put him there. I certainly hope that he can be available now, but I’m telling you, this performance by Rush here today is definitely very disturbing.”

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