Day 2 Notes – Aggressively minded scrimmage + Danault update, Adler on re-signing, Phasemo opportunity

Scrimmage Day 2, where the offensive thrives.

The Kings leveled 6-6 in today’s scrimmage, with goals flying left and right over the course of two 30-minute sessions.

In the first half, Group B took a 3-1 lead with goals from Samuel Fagemo, Alan Quinn and Brendan Lemieux. Fagemo opened the scoring while skating in the right-hand circle and took a shot at home for his first shot of the day, followed by a fine goal from Quinn, who teamed up with Brandt Clark in the play. Lemieux then scored with defenseman Sean Walker, who came late for Group A in the first half.

Quinn scored his second at the start of the second half with a penalty-shot goal, before Trevor Moore intercepted a pass at his own end, sprinted a length of ice and buried it at the breakaway. Alex Iaffalo and Gabe Villardi took the score to 5–3 with goals for Group A, before Fezmo collected their second half of the morning with a decent finish from the crowd. Group A returned all the way to tie the game at six, with Austin Wagner and Kevin Fiala scoring late to force a shootout for the second straight day. Adrian Kempe won Group A in a shootout with a SHG scoring for the second straight day.

To see how the Kings lined up today, see here for groups. As a note, forward Philippe Danault was originally slated for Group C, but did not skate with the “muscle problem” that kept him off the ice today. Todd McClellan called it “nothing serious” and noted that Danault could be back with the group as soon as tomorrow.

“I wanted to come back, they offered to come back, so I thought that was what I wanted first, she was my first choice,” Adler said. “I liked everything here last year, I think it was a good fit for me and my family from the snow and I really liked what we did on the ice. We added a few pieces last year and I think That we had a great season, and I wanted to be a part of it this year.

That was Alex Adler when he re-signed with the Kings. Almost jokingly, he said that it was not necessarily his decision, but that the Kings offered and he accepted, although I think he is a bit polite. After a season in which Adler posted some excellent metrics, he likely had plenty of offers and opportunities, should he have opted for unrestricted free agency.

What he chose, however, was to return to something he believes is working, and that’s what the Kings are building here in Los Angeles. Adler notes that he believes the group here is buying into what is being created, a feeling that is going around the room.

Adler also took note of the day’s theme from Tomorrow – Expectations.

“I think before last season, maybe the expectations in the outside world weren’t that high, but I think we really came together as a team and we played the way we wanted to play and we There was some success, but that was last year and it’s going to be tough to take another step this year.”

Adler has been part of teams that went from missing the playoffs to making it, as the Kings did last year, and has seen a team make the playoffs again that season and take the next step. He has also been part of teams that were in the same position out of the playoffs, and again took a step back by not making the playoffs.

He has significant experience, has seen both sides of the coin, and understands that taking the next step will not happen automatically. It requires hard work.

“When you have a good year, it’s not going to happen automatically next year,” he said. “It’s going to be even harder, the expectations from the outside world are high, you’re going to have higher expectations of yourself and you want to do better. But you have to work for that. You have to take what you did last year And then build it and not think it’s going to happen on its own. It’s a lot of hard work.”

snap shot sammy

As a big fan of alliteration, it was a good day for Samuel Fagemo to score some goals in today’s scrimmage.

Now, Fagemo was an interview target today, even though he earned a first crack on a line with Philippe Danault and Trevor Moore in place of the currently injured Viktor Arvidsson.

As a beginner here, it’s important to note that when Fagemo starts camp here, there are plans to try several players at that location. And that’s coming from the horse’s mouth, straight from Todd McClellan.

“We will see individual players spin through that line and not forget the timing in a few weeks, Arvi very well may and may not be up to par,” McClellan said. “Long term, we see the three of them getting back together and being productive. We know the lines don’t stay together all year round, but start where we want to be. Sammy was there today, tomorrow there may be a different player, exhibition games will rotate different players in and out, but 99 percent sure Trevor and Phil will play together and we will try and find the right piece.

That being said, Fagemo was first seen during yesterday’s skating and today played with Moore and Rasmus Kupari, Danault not skating as mentioned above. The young Swede made the most of today’s scrimmage, as he scored two goals using one of his most notable assets – his shot.

Danault said of his new winger, “Sammy, he is a sniper, a very good player, he had a good year last year.” “I can’t wait to see what he’s got [in a game], Hard to see in a scuffle, everyone is buzzing. Would love to see him in an exhibition game.”

Danault noted that he spoke with McClellan to decide which player to slot into that line as Arvidsson works to come back from injury.

Speaking with Moore yesterday, he thinks it’s relatively easy to play alongside him and Danault, but it’s not like anyone can get into that role. Fagemo is a player to whom both Danault and Moore were complementary, and whether he stays there for the duration of the camp, or if we see as much rotation as McLellan, Fagemo is someone who takes a hard-working approach. Adopts 12 and 24.

“I think we could probably play with a lot of guys, but a guy like Sammy, he’s not only super talented, he works very hard and it complements our game a lot,” Moore said. “We have always wanted to be the people who are the hardest workers on the ice, you can’t do without that. Sammy has been a good fit. ,

Fagemo noted that Arvidsson is a player he watches a lot of videos of, which gives him little insight into how that line moves, and what the third member should contribute. Fagemo believes that Line’s approach fits well with his approach to his own game as well.

“I think his style is to compete so hard and he also has a lot of speed and skill,” Fagemo told TODAY. “I think it fits my game as well and it’s felt great so far.”

McClellan has now said twice that we will see that many players are given a chance on that line, but it is reasonable to think that we can at least have a look at Phasemo during exhibition competitions along that line or No, a spot among 13 or 14 forwards on the opening-night roster to demonstrate himself.

Despite his deployment, he is grateful for his early opportunities and determined to make the most of them moving forward.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for me and I’m really grateful for the opportunity I’m getting,” he said. “I’m just going to have fun with it, keep competing and just keep calm, keep having fun.”

EL SEGUNDO, CA – September 23, 2022 – The LA Kings take to the snow for the second day of training camp.

The Kings are back on the ice for the same event tomorrow, which was the last day of the opening three to start camp. Teams will start separately on Sunday with the first game of the preseason taking the road on Sunday and Monday, thus changing game groups and practice groups depending on the day. Full preseason coverage on LAKI, including pre-game storylines and post-game notes and quotes, can be found here.

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