Disney Gets Dreamlight Valley Update, Here Are Full Patch Notes

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Gameloft’s captivating, heartwarming life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley In many is captured more than the imagination of ‘One Little Spark’. And now the game has received a huge update that aims to smoothen the experience and fix many minor issues and issues being experienced by the players.

we have reported Some improvements that Gameloft has been making in the past few weeks, but this patch aims to catch up with balance changes and loot tables a bit more.

Here are the full patch notes official website,

Update, 15 September 2022

Happy Patch Day Valley Villagers!

We’re just shy of a week after the Early Access launch, and we’re happy to share with you the first patch for Disney Dreamlight Valley. We’re listening carefully to your feedback shared via social media, Discord, and customer care, and we’ve addressed several known issues in this patch. While the patch is now in the process of being released to all players (please make sure you are connected to the internet to receive it), it may take up to 2 hours to get it on your device. We recommend that you check in frequently if you don’t see it available yet.

For those playing on multiple devices with cross-save: Make sure all platforms you play on are updated before switching devices to prevent any further problems.

What to expect from today’s patch, please check out the detailed list below:

Adjusted spawn rates and loot tables for sparkling buried items:
– Increased response timer range.
– Reducing the minimum and maximum number of sparkling buried items to spawn at a given time per biome.
– Dream Shards added to the reward loot table.
– Each sparkling buried item has a chance to spawn 1-2 Knight Shards or 1-2 Dream Shards.

Loot tables adjusted to feed the critters:
– Flowers removed from loot tables.
– Add Dream Shards to the loot table while feeding the critters some “likes”. Previously, it was only possible to get Dream Shards by feeding them some “love” to the critters.

Loot table adjusted to clear the hooks of the night:
Less chance of coal falling.
The probability of falling of the dream share increases.

bug fixes:
– Fixed error #7, causing some players to experience an issue with the game sticking to the loading screen when leaving the game with “well fed” active buff.
– Fixed account desynchronization issue when selecting Back to title screen on Epic Games Store.
– Fixed issue causing some users to desynchronize from their profile due to connection latency.
– Improved online reconnection while playing.
– Improved Founders Pack award missing prizes, claiming prize accuracy. We will continue to monitor this issue and detect further bugfixes as needed. If you have experienced this bug: Please close the game completely and reboot it while connected to the Internet, then check for a new message in your inbox containing your missing items.

User Interface and Experience:
– Increased font size of text on Switch.
– Increased menu loading speed.

– Low crash frequency on switch. Additional optimizations will come in future updates.

– Fixed an issue with search items not showing up in Scrooge McDuck’s store. If you’ve experienced this bug: The item will not spawn in Scrooge McDuck’s store, but will spawn in a random, unlocked location outside the village as a backup. If you struggle to find the item, feel free to contact customer care.
– WALL·E’s quest for “The Shy Little Robot” resolved a problem involving a fire extinguisher that was not working properly. If you’ve experienced this bug: Inside Scrooge McDuck’s store you can find a fire extinguisher waiting for you.
– Fixed an issue with a quest item from Donald Duck’s “A House Fit for a Duck” quest that originated in an inaccessible part of his house.
– Fixed an issue with Scrooge McDuck’s “Grand Re-opening of Scrooge McDuck” quest in which crafting flower pots did not work correctly. If you’ve experienced this bug: You can find extra vases right outside Scrooge McDuck’s store. Remove them using furniture edit mode to craft with them.
– Fixed an issue in which quest items were trapped in the bottom of a mysterious cave on the beach.
– Fixed an issue in which completing Goofy’s “Fishing Expedition” quest did not work correctly when the player’s inventory was full.
– Fixed an issue causing a memory shard to appear in an inaccessible part of Merlin’s Dreamlight library.
– Fixed an issue with Elsa’s “What Home Feels Like” quest in which it was possible to catch a glittering herring too early in the quest. If you’ve experienced this bug: Now you can catch another great herring. The other will be removed at the end of the search.

Customization (House, Valley, Avatar):
– Fixed an issue in which chests kept in the player’s house could disappear when adding new rooms. If you’ve experienced this bug: Add a newly crafted chest to your home. Your items that have disappeared will reappear here.
– Fixed an issue in which players importing clothes from the Avatar Designer tool were unable to change clothes or made clothes appear invisible.
– Fixed an issue in which some rewards from Star Path would be available to be received in areas of the game they were not intended for.
– Fixed an issue with Ariel’s seafoam gown (Friendship Award) showing it as invisible.
– Fixed an issue in which the player could not cook on the oven and hood gifted by Remi (Friendship Reward).

– Adjusted Miguel motif.

Earlier today, Gameloft also revealed that Disney is in Dreamlight Valley Welcomed over 1 million residents To the sweet little Disney world. And we’re sure Gameloft will work on enhancing the game, so it’s a lot, much more than barebones requirements. And it already is!

Last week, Disney revealed that Woody and Buzz from Toy Story will be coming to the Valley! You can check out all of Disney’s announcements from the Disney and Marvel Showcases below:

Are you playing Disney Dreamlight Valley? You have a friend if you are, so share your thoughts on the game in the comments!

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