Dispute between NetEase and Liithos

Yesterday, during IGN’s Tokyo Game Show stream, NetEase Games and Legendary Star Studios unveiled Ashfall, an upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure shooter MMO game coming to PC next year.Steam), iOS and Android devices.

Upon hearing the title of the game, we thought of another post-apocalyptic PvP/PvE game, also known as Ashfall. Announced by Lithos not so long ago, a new studio founded by former PlayStation veterans. One of them will have to be renamed, that’s for sure, but as it turns out, there’s more to it.

Shortly after hearing the news, Lithos founder and CEO Michael Mumbauer (Sony’s former studio head of Visual Arts) revealed that the company had actually pitched the game for NetEase in 2022. He then ‘liked’ the Chinese publisher enough to use the title. It’s a similar game to it’s own.

Mumbauer then said it would be “interesting” to see how the Ashfall trademark issue would play out.

Lithos VP of Creative John Garvin (the brains behind Siphon Filter and Days Gone) also chimed in on the matter with a few tweets calling NetEase shameless.

Needless to say, we’ll be the first to reach out to NetEase on Monday to get any sort of official response. In the meantime, here’s an overview of his Ashfall, whose soundtrack will be composed by world-class musicians like Inone Zur, Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazaro.

Ashfall is a third-person adventure shooter with a focus on using cover and team-strategy to overcome enemies. The goal of the game is to rebuild civilization and reclaim the wasteland, but the task will not be easy. Not only is the land itself dangerous to explore, but there are many enemies who now live in the ruins of society, including bands of raiders, deadly machines designed for war, and packs of mutated animals. Combat is just one part of Ashfall, as there’s a vast world waiting to be discovered, full of loot for players to discover and secrets about a previously existing society to uncover. There are many quests for players to take on and colorful NPCs that live in the world of Ashfall waiting to be encountered.

In Ashfall, the player creates their own wanderer from a bevy of options in character creation mode, and equips them with all kinds of futuristic guns and gear they’ll need for further trials. There are a lot of possible character creations available that players can create according to their gameplay style as well as powerful equipment that can be saved, to give them a competitive edge. Fighting involves using cover and the environment to the player’s advantage, as they take on all manner of different enemies. The most powerful of these can be faced in exciting boss battles, ranging from giant beasts to elite single enemies with skills that match the player’s own. Fortunately, players won’t face these challenges alone, as Ashfall has both single and multiplayer modes, allowing groups of friends to explore the wasteland together, and take on challenges as a team. .

The creators of Ashfall are huge fans of post-apocalyptic games, especially the Fallout series, and they’ve been inspired by some of the biggest names in the genre. With Ashfall, the team is able to add an Eastern flavor to the game’s aesthetic. It is often the case that Eastern imagery is associated with the cyberpunk genre and is rarely seen in post-apocalyptic novels. Ashfall has the unique opportunity to create something truly unique to the post-apocalyptic genre, while still having a familiar feel. To help bring the wasteland and its inhabitants to life, the developers created a visually stunning world featuring realistic weather effects, motion-capture actors for its character animations, realistic glass shattering effects, and advanced lighting and reflections. Took too long to build.

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