‘FIFA Uncovered’ is coming to Netflix this winter and here’s what we know about it

'FIFA Uncovered' is coming to Netflix this winter and here's what we know about it
‘FIFA Uncovered’ is coming to Netflix this winter and here’s what we know about it

Netflix will be releasing a brand-new sports documentary series centered around world football governing body FIFA, and the organization’s controversial history.

Titled FIFA Uncovered, the series will hit the digital streaming platform in November 2022, with reports claiming the film will be an eye-opener for football/soccer fans around the world.

Netflix has already released a number of documentaries in recent years seeking to expose high-profile organizations and businesses.

Recent examples include the Boeing documentary series, The Social Dilemma looking into prominent social media companies, and Alex Gibney’s Dirty Money series.

“From power struggles to global politics, an exploration of FIFA reveals the organization’s checkered history, and what it takes to host a world cup.” reads the synopsis of the upcoming film.

From what the synopsis says, we can only assume, it’s a thorough review into what most fans already might have suspected over the last two decades.

The control of FIFA has seen many internal, and external power struggles between some of the sport’s most influential figures.

From Joao Havelange and Lennart Johansson to Sepp Blatter and Michael Platini, some of the most powerful men in football have been in the thick of incredible corruption allegations.

These allegations have since led to various football associations around the globe, as well as fans, questioning the decision-making behind awarding World Cups to specific nations including the 2018 Russian World Cup and most recently the 2022 Qatar World Cup, slated to begin later next month.

The decision to award Qatar as a host for the World Cup was heavily scrutinized around the world.

The reason was mainly because at the time FIFA awarded Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup, the Western Asian nation had little infrastructure to accommodate a football tournament of this size.

Not to mention, as a middle-eastern nation, the heat in the summer is extreme, which is why the tournament was been moved from the Summer to Autumn/Winter for the first time in over a decade.

There are also logistical and infrastructure controversies surrounding Qatar’s successful bid.

Over the last decade, Qatar has reportedly spent a ridiculous amount of money to build the infrastructure needed to host a world cup, which includes stadiums, training facilities, hotels, and an entirely new city.

The extent of the work carried out in Qatar has also led to a human rights issue due to the alleged number of deaths of migrant workers since the country was awarded the world cup.

This new FIFA Uncovered documentary will sit alongside a slew of other sports documentary projects which Netflix released a trailer for.

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