For achieving 1 million subscribers, Ejimozy receives a gold YouTube plaque

Ejimozy gets Gold YouTube Plaque for 1 Million Subscribers
Ejimozy gets Gold YouTube Plaque for 1 Million Subscribers

Popular Nigerian Youtuber, Ejimozy (Ejimogu Uchechukwu) has received a YouTube play button in recognition of his channel reaching 1 million subscribers on youtube. Launched in 2016, Ejimozy curates content about personalities in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, focusing significantly on Nollywood, Nigeria’s thriving movie industry.

From his first video, Ejimozy made a video about the richest Nollywood actors. The channel has gained traction attracting millions of views from an audience eager to understand the lives and achievements of the people who make magic on the big screen. From fun facts about celebrities to movie reviews, celebrity event coverage, biographies, and exclusive gist, Ejimozy has become the definitive voice on YouTube for all things Nollywood.

Building an audience beyond Nigeria’s borders, Nollywood has become a global force powered by a Nigerian diaspora who watch Nollywood content to keep in touch with their roots and a growing acceptance of Nollywood across other African countries. According to Research, Nollywood’s projected value as of 2021 was $6.4 billion boasting the continent’s highest numbers in terms of the number of films produced annually, revenue, value, and followership.

With such a huge acceptance of Nollywood, there is a demand for content around the industry and the people in it. This is where Ejimozy has built his niche becoming the standout voice for all things Nollywood by producing creative video content.

With the landmark achievement of 1 million subscribers, Ejimozy joins an exclusive list of African creators who have crossed the 1 million mark. This list includes Nigeria’s Mark Angel Comedy, Ghana’s WODE MAYA, and many more

Reacting to the plaque presentation, Ejimozy provided a hint of the amazing things to come as the channel continues to witness rapid growth.

“I am grateful to YouTube for the recognition of my progress and I am excited about the next phase. It’s going to be huge. The goal for Ejimozy is to create a community that extends beyond the channel.

I want to create a community that connects lovers of the different categories in Nollywood movies, from the producers focused on Netflix, Prime Video, cinema, and other streaming services to independent producers distributing primarily through YouTube. Whether you’re a lover of Old Nollywood or New Nollywood, everyone is welcome!”

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