Fruit picker jobs and the Requirements to Acquire it

There are many Fruit picker jobs and they all have different Requirements to Acquire it. This type of job can be termed as labor intensive work but that’s not mostly the case. As a fruit picker, your work can be flexible since you will have to perform other duties apart from picking fruits only. 

The gospel truth is that this is a very special type of job which does not require the employee to have certificates. So, even if you are just looking for a way to work without documentation in Canada, Australia, United States, Norway or any other country then you must choose fruit picking. 

Moving forward, I will be showing you some well paying fruit picker jobs that will pay you very well for just picking fruits on the farm. 

Fruit picker jobs and the Requirements to Acquire it

Apply for any of this well-paying fruit picker jobs I will list here;

Fruit picker at Beau Bella winery 

Join the Beau Bella winery company as a fruit picker if you have the zeal to work in Canada. This position is for someone who is self-motivated to work in a less clean environment. 

The salary for this position ranges from $15.50 with the option to work overtime. 

Complete job description 

  • Applicants is going to be sorting fruits and vegetables by size 
  • Candidates for this job will pick orchard of fruits 
  • Responsible for selecting fruits based on size, ripeness, and healthy 
  • Should be ready to inspect fruits 
  • Learn and follow food safety procedures when working with the company 
  • Required to remove dry leaves from the fruit tree. 

Fruit picker job requirements 

  • Minimum of high school certificates or have previous experience as a fruit picker 
  • Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience as a fruit picker (can apply without the experience) 
  • Must be a punctual worker
  • Must be authentic in the work environment 
  • Must be fluent in the use of English language 
  • Must possess communication skills in English or French (depends) 
  • Must have excellent work and time management abilities 
  • Must have Strong organizational skills 
  • Must have ability to multitask 
  • Must have the Power to lift a load of around 45kg
  • Physically healthy with No sickness. 

Other experience requirements 

  • Must have a previous knowledge of plant growth, irrigation, drainage, and planting techniques. 
  • Must know or ready to learn how to operate tractors, harvesters, forklifts and trucks. 

Work site environment 

  • The applicant must be willing to work in a dusty and in an environment filled with thorns, wet, hot. 
  • The application must be ready to work in a place with some unpleasant odors 
  • The applicant must be willing to work for long hours in an unfavorable environment. 

How to Apply for this fruit picker job

  1. Provide all the important documents for this application which must include your certification and license 
  2. Have a medical check and print the results 
  3. Write a CV and carefully list your skills, experience, education, person information and other information 
  4. Send them as a mail to


If you have been looking for a job that requires less documentation then this article on Fruit picker jobs and the Requirements to Acquire it will help you. However, you must know that fruit picking is not an office work since you will be working outdoors in a farm. 

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