Gigi Lamayne claims SA Hip Hop is toxic

Gigi Lamayne claims SA Hip Hop is toxic
Gigi Lamayne claims SA Hip Hop is toxic

Gigi Lamayne claimed SA Hip Hop is toxic as she lauds the support from Amapiano artists.

The star made this known during her POV Podcast interview with Big Xhosa.

The rapper slammed SA hip hop’s gatekeeping, stating that SA rappers must stop gatekeeping for the genre to start competing at the same level as Amapiano.

“The reason why I have never been affiliated to click is that the day hip hop realises that we don’t have to be grouped up, you don’t have to choose your favourite female rapper like let’s just get together and make things will be the day that we can compete on a level that Amapiano is competing on,” she said.

“Until we can understand that its okay to have different flavours of different artists, there is enough to share, I think that will be the point that we actually grow,” she added.

Gigi also went on and revealed that the reason why she started mixing genres is that there is no support in SA hip hop as he has been booked more by Amapiano artists than in hip hop.

“The reason why I started mixing up genres it was because there is no support in hip hop,” she said. “King Monada’s song was my biggest song that doesn’t make sense, Fufa was bigger than Ice Cream that doesn’t even make sense,” said Gigi Lamayne.

Gigi Lamayne went on and advised Big Xhosa to figure things out on his own and never associate himself with clicks in SA hip hop.

You’re okay as a soldier on your own, you’re okay figuring out this machinery on your own, its never going to be a he said, she said, and I clearly say that you’re a straight talker, and where there is trouble, gossip and stuff move away,” said Gigi to Big Xhosa.

“Hip hop is very toxic in this country, I’m telling you, very toxic, so the reason why I have mixed up my genres is not really out of choice even though I know im versatile.”

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