Great Britain, Czech Republic qualify for 2023 World Baseball Classic

Regensburg (Germany) qualifying tournament for 2023 world baseball classic It took place from Friday to Wednesday and Great Britain and the Czech Republic emerged as the two nations to advance to the main tournament in March of the following year. This is the first visit of WBC to both the countries.

The format of the Regensburg qualifiers was a double-elimination tournament with six teams: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, South Africa and Spain. South Africa participated in the WBC in 2006 and 2009 and Spain played in the 2013 event. The other four countries were vying for their first appearance in the main tournament.

Germany and the Czech Republic got byes in the first round of the qualifiers. in the first round, Spain beat South Africa 5-4 And Great Britain defeated France 14-4.

Spain’s victory earned them a matchup with the Czech Republic in the second round and 21-7 to the check. defeated by, Subsequently, Great Britain advanced with a 8-1 win over Germany, Both the teams got two days off before playing for the first bid in the winner-bracket in the tournament on Tuesday.

The Czech Republic had to qualify through the loser’s section. they got off to a good start 7-1 win over France, After Sunday’s second game in the losing bracket between Germany and South Africa, Germany was postponed until Monday Defeated South Africa 11-5.

Despite featuring former major leaguers such as Bruce Maxwell and Aaron Alther, as well as several minor leaguers, Germany lost 8-4 to the Czech Republic The team featured only one player born outside that small Central European country.

In the winner-bracket final for a first berth in the WBC main tournament, Spain was three out of the lead, 9–8 ahead of ninth-placed Great Britain. Spain called for former major league Rhiner Cruz’s save, but Blue Jays minor leaguer Jaden Rudd hit a solo home run for Great Britain and sent it into extras.

After Great Britain (and the Pirates’ minor leaguer) Tehnaaz Thomas prevented the automatic runner (or anyone else) from scoring in the top of tenth, tenth after an out call at third base and a sacrifice fly by Alex Crosby gave Great Britain Sent to his first WBC.

Here the team is celebrating and for the first time in more than 70 years in international competition, a national team from Great Britain sings “God Save the King” in victory.

The Great Britain team had only seven players on its roster who were born in the UK. This includes former major leaguer Chris Reed, who was born in London but raised in California. There were several players from the Bahamas, a couple from the British Virgin Islands and the rest were mostly Americans and Canadians who were eligible for British citizenship because of their parents or grandparents. This included the Mariners’ 2021 first round pick Harry Ford. Similarly, only two players in Spain were born in Spain. The rest were born in Cuba, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the US, and other baseball hotbeds in the Western Hemisphere.

Against Spain, the almost entirely home Czech team was largely underdog. For one, they lost to Spain 21–7 in their first game of the tournament.

Spain took an early lead when the first batsman from the bottom, former ranger ngel Beltre, doubled. He went to third on a fly by top Reds prospect Noelvi Marte and then got his first run of the game on a sacrificial fly by Senators minor leaguer Justin Connell.

But the Czech took the lead when he leapfrogged on Spain starter Ronald Medrano, a former Cardinals farmhand, in the second innings with a two-run home run by Martín Muzi. He scored another run to make it 3–1 when Marek Klupp hit a single home run in the fourth.

Play The check would end in a 3-1 win. Spain could not do much other than Czech starter Martin Schneider, who played 6.1 innings. Marek Minar will pitch to save the last 2.2 innings.

The Czechs lived up to the slogan set for themselves at the start of the qualifiers: “Small country, big dreams.”

Six more teams will face off for the last two places in the Panama City qualifiers, starting on 30 September. Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Pakistan and Panama will face off in that double-elimination qualifier.

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