Healthcare Jobs with sponsors in Canada

Do you want to apply for Healthcare Jobs with sponsors in Canada? Then you are in the right place. I will be listing some of the best Healthcare jobs you can apply from your Country and receive visa sponsorship to Canada. Also, you have to know that these are high paying jobs that you must not miss. 

Canada is Now the hub for health professionals who want to land jobs that will pay very well. Canada as a country is among the best destinations for migrants who desire a better life with plenty of benefits. And as it is, you can’t just book a flight and fly to Canada. You need to have a job and meet some other requirements. However, the part of securing a job is very difficult but you don’t need to worry again. In this article, I will show you some of the well paying Healthcare Jobs in which the employer will sponsor your visa to the country. 

Healthcare Jobs with sponsors in Canada

These jobs will sponsor your visa to Canada, so apply to any of them so that you can meet all the requirements. 

Healthcare aide (visa sponsorship) 

If you can work as an Healthcare aide who will be reporting to the nurse manager then you can apply for this position. The employee will assist the licensed nurse in the office. They must know how to work in a nursing environment and knowledge of extracting specimens. 

Job duties 

  • Instill eye drops, perform minor wound dressing, record intake and output and other duties. 
  • Help transport patients 
  • Ambulate patients 
  • Ensure the patient is safe and secure when administering any procedure 
  • Maintain clean and neat environment 

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Clinical Nurse jobs in canada 

If you have the desire to move from your Country to Canada then you can achieve that as a clinical nurse. This position gives the employee the avenue to enter Canada through visa sponsorship. So, as a clinical nurse, you will have to provide the patient with care in different areas. 

Requirements for clinical nurse in Canada 

First, you need to become a registered nurse in Canada or the United States. In this case, National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) will be needed. 

Registered Nurse with sponsorship in Glen Waverley 

If you are a registered nurse who has interest in Healthcare Jobs with sponsors in Canada then the best bet is working as a registered nurse. Also, If you are already a registered nurse then Estia Glen Waverley is ready to sponsor your visa for you to work for them. 

If you are lucky, you will be working as an  infection prevention and control nurse in two facilities they own. This is a very cool location that is not far from bus stations. 


The main part of their requirements is your readiness to work in an infection prevention and control facility. Also, you need to meet the criteria below:

  • Have minimum of 1 year work experience 
  • Excellent leadership skills 
  • Knowledge of work and safety principles 
  • Clinical documentation and certification. 

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Healthcare Jobs with sponsors in Canada are the best method people who want to travel to the country can utilize. However, every applicant must secure a job offer in the country before the company can proceed to process a visa for them. 

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