Heavy K – “I influenced the entire game”

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Heavy K rants about the various statements people have made about him and his music career.

The musician got people talking after comparing himself with Kabza De Small.

“What they doing to Kabza is the same-thing they did to me during my prime! I knew it would happen to be a hit maker & consistency irritates some of our people so much that they compare you to each & every artist that rises,” he wrote.

Drumboss defended himself after a Twitter user tried schooling him.

“I was exactly who I think was! What y’all forgetting I came with my own unique sound! that nobody could master! Even today I’m still the only one who has the recipe! I influenced the entire game! I changed the direction of the game! & sold platinums with CD’s,” K tweeted.

Heavy K further called Tik Tok songs nonsense and eulogised his kind of music.

“If I was that obsessed to be on top & chasing trends, I could have had young boys by now working 24/7 in the studio, I just go in there & rename all those songs as Heavy-K! But I always chose the hard way which is making my own music 100% or collaborate with the youngins,” he added.

Heavy K says he isn’t like other musicians who make noise about their achievements; he claimed to have worked with international stars like Ed Sheeran and never bragged about it.

“I’m a different breed & I knew, me being quiet, not making noise about how much of a giant I am! I’ll be disrespected one day but I still chose not to blow my own horn is always nice when you give people a platform to tell you how great you are instead of always bragging.”

“I was carrying the entire industry at the age of 21 years old! Hence y’all feel like I’m too old lol nha fam I’m only 30 years old , turning 31 this year,” he added.


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