‘House of the Dragon’ recap: Season 1, episode 5

The Weddings That Happened This Week When You Consider the Whole History of Westeros dragon house not all go He badly.

Sure, someone dies on the dance floor during the rehearsal dinner. Yes, the stepmother of the bride may be close enough to instigating the coup. And agreed, the bride’s father may have accepted her death only after the vows were fulfilled. but hello, The pregnant woman was not stabbed several times in the stomachSo… success?

Read on for the highlights of episode 5.

Nice to know you, Lady Rhea , The episode begins in The Vale, where Lady Rhea Royce (Hi, shadow and boneRachel Radford!) is hunting on a horse. When she comes to Damon and addresses him as “Husband”, she finds some game birds. Ah so This A wife’s terrible demon Damon has been crying since the beginning of the series. I don’t know, man: he’s only said a few words and rode his horse like a scoundrel, and I already like him more than I like you. We learn that they never consummated their marriage, and she wonders if she is up for it. “Val’s sheep may be ready, even if I’m not,” she screams. She then makes fun of him about Viserys passing over her, but when she sees Damon’s face she falls silent and realizes that she is probably in great danger.

Even though Damon is doing his best Obi-Wan impression here — hooded cape, arms outstretched like he’s summoning the Force — it seems that what happens next is mostly bad luck: he’s not a fan of his bow and arrow. reaches, the horse rises up (presumably because Damon is on it or something, we can’t see) and falls backwards, lands on it and possibly crushes a lot of stuff inside it that shouldn’t be crushed .

The horse quickly stands up and runs away as poor Riya lies there gasping. She appears to be paralyzed from the neck down, but her mouth still functions fine. So when Damon lightly steps on her forearm, but then turns to walk, she gets an – unintentionally – incredibly fitting burn. “I knew you couldn’t finish,” she says, as she watched last week’s episode … or the series premiere, come to think of it. So he picks up a large rock and walks towards it, and then the camera mercifully cuts off Viserys and Renera on their journey to the sea.

house-of-the-dragon-recap-season-1-episode-5-corliesa proposal has been made , What we see, however, isn’t much more pleasant: clearly the king is not as prepared for the sea voyage as his daughter, and he waves an attendant’s bucket only to go over the railing and vomit on the shore. Is. (In his defence, it Is It’s going pretty hard.)

Once they are on the ground, the royal entourage makes its way to the seat of High Tide, House Valerian. The power play begins with the arrival of Viserys, Rainera, Ser Kristen and company: Lord Corliss sends his daughter, Lana, outside to greet visitors instead of doing it herself. Inside, Laena and Rainera are quickly dispatched, while Corliss and Viserys, accompanied by King of the King Lionel Strong and Princess Raineys, decide Rainera’s fate. Now is a good time to notice that Viserys is looking rough: he’s coughing and sweating, and when Renees hugs him, she is upset to see that he has noticeably less than last time. are points.

Corliss informs the king of Lady Rhea’s death—”both her neck and skull were crushed in the fall,” says Rainis, who had previously abandoned that strategic scene—then Viserys officially negotiates a meeting between Rennes and Lenore. proposed marriage. Before Lenore’s parents agree, they want some very good points on succession planning. Oh, and they assume the kids will take Lenore’s last name in keeping with Westerosian custom?

Viserys rankles on the idea of ​​the name Targaryen because Rainera is female, but makes a concession, saying that her children with Lenore will take the last name Valerion to Ascension, then change to Targaryen. In this way, “for the next hundred years the dragons would rule the Seven Kingdoms, as they did in the previous.” Corliss agrees.

While the adults are talking, Lenore and Renera go for a walk on the beach. She apologizes that he will have to marry her, and softly, apologetically allows him to tell her that He Knows that he likes the company of men. “I know that whatever compromise is being made, it will not replace your appetite, nor will it replace mine,” she says, proposing that they do what they need to fulfill their duties for the realm. Should to do, then do whatever “as” we see fit. We are LGBT allies! Lenore’s boyfriend Joffrey, by the way, is concerned about the arrangement. Eventually, they’ll be able to move their relationship forward – especially because he knows that Rainyara has already found someone (though he doesn’t know who).

But know who is not supporting Lenore being gay? His father, who thinks that the child will “make him grow up. There is no happiness in the world like a woman’s bed.” breath,

house-of-the-dragon-recap-season-1-episode-5hightower get it out there , Back in King’s Landing, Alicent heads out into the rain to tell Otto that she is sad to see him go. But he thinks she could have done more to save him, and angrily tells her so. She counters that she pushed too hard to designate Aegon as his successor, so Otto’s expulsion is actually His Shortcoming. He calms down a bit to say that the king will die as soon as possible – “he is not an old man” – and that if Rainera takes the throne, war will result. “To secure his place, he has to kill your kids with the sword. He won’t have a choice,” he adds, causing Alicent to cry out loud. Then he yells at her a little more about how his grandchildren Maybe filthy, hug her, then go into the storm.

The Queen’s Very Bad Day continues when Larry Strong tells her the King had tea (aka Moon Tea, aka Abortiful – this is all Alicent quickly intuits) shortly after her after-hours walkout. Sent to Rainera’s room. When Alicent mentions that Rainera is fine and on the trip, Larris says this whole thing “Ohhhhhh I thought she was sick! I’m so glad she’s not! Literally!” But it’s clear he’s more deceptive than ever, and I’m here for it.

run away with me , On the boat on the way home, Ser Kristen is acutely concerned about his feelings for how Rainera’s future is going to be decided for him. “If there was some other way that would lead to freedom, would you follow that?” In short: he wants her to hop a ship with him. “Let’s leave it behind and see the world together,” he says. Oh, he almost turns into a heart-eye emoji when we watch, painting a picture of a life in which he is anonymous and free. “At Essos, you can marry me. Marry for love, not for the crown,” he says.

Although she seems to be very romanticized by the idea, eventually she has to shut it down… and shut it down. “I am The Crown,” she reminds him, a little steel in her voice. “Or, I will.” But the good news, she says: You can be by my side! “You want me to be your prostitute, says Cole, when he learns that he has broken King’s promise to someone who will not even entertain the imagination of eating oranges with him in the Free Cities.

His ship makes port, and the gloomy knight does not return to the Red Keep for more than a few minutes when Alicent calls him to his quarters. She stumbles and asks him what he knows about Rainera’s tryst with Damon. But because she takes so long to specify exactly what she’s talking about, and because Ser Kristen initially feels so guilty, he thinks she’s asking if He slept with the princess. “It happened, your grace. The sin you are pointing to. I have committed it. At his point of view, it is true, but it should not be…” he says. “It is not an excuse.” He knows that what is coming is bad for him, so he asks that she take pity on him and have him executed instead of jailed (ouch) and tortured (ouch again). Alicent certainly makes this confession Ki wasn’t expecting to fall on his lap, but she quickly recovers, thanks him for his honesty and tells a stunned Kristen that he can leave.

Meanwhile, Viserys is suffering from a deeply infected hand wound, and what looks like a lump of boiled liver as he fatally asks Lionel whether he will be remembered as a good king. If the end hasn’t come yet, it’s certainly drawing near.

house-of-the-dragon-recap-season-1-episode-5green wedding? , Some time passes, and then everyone gathers in King’s Landing for Rainera and Lenore’s wedding. Viserys has recovered enough to sit next to the bride-to-be at an opening feast, where neither of them is excited to make small talk with Jason Lannister when he approaches to offer his congratulations. Is. Alicent is conspicuously absent, even as Corliss and Reyns and their family enter with great fanfare. And then Damon sneaks into the hall, and you just know he’s doing it right.

Inexplicably, a chair is added to the table at the king’s head, and Damon sits down. Viserys then begins his welcome speech, but stops when Alicent makes a late, dramatic entrance while wearing a gown that is green—the exact same color the House Hightower displays in its beacon when he Calls his bannermen to battle. After he was seated, Viserys continued his speech, welcoming the guests for a seven-day tournament and feast, which culminated with the wedding.

Next, Rainera and Lenore descend to the floor for a dance that seems to have included a lot of flappy dragon wing-type movements. Both Kristen and Joffrey watch from the sidelines, decidedly un-psyched. And Damon laughs at the table, until Lady Rhea’s cousin confronts him and says that in The Vale, men are held accountable for their crimes, “Even the Targaryens ” He accuses Damon of killing Rhea, and Damon asks for her inheritance in return: since he and Rhea had no heirs, Runestone—the seat of the House Royce, which was supposed to pass to him—will very well could be hers. This extinguishes the fire of the cousin, who immediately settles down.

house-of-the-dragon-recap-season-1-episode-5murder on the dancefloor , As the festivities continue, several things come to the fore. Joffrey discovers that Ser Kristen is Rainera’s boyfriend, based entirely on the knight’s hangdog expression as he watches the princess from the perimeter of the room. Then Joffrey makes sure Kristen knows that He Knows about his relationship, promises little mutually assured destruction if someone’s secret is uncovered. Elsewhere, Damon steps on Lena, who is still young but now (thank god) several years older than Viserys entertained the idea of ​​marrying her.

Eventually, Damon takes Rainera to the dance floor alone and asks her in High Valyrian if that’s what she wants. “I didn’t know what I wanted mattered to you,” she replies kindly, taunting him that if he wanted her, he should “cut off my father’s kingguard” and He must be led to Dragonstone. Viserys is just starting to notice that his daughter and his brother look thisclose Armored men start running into the hall to do something indecent on the dance floor.

Suddenly, Ser Kristen and Joffrey are pulling it out, a fight that ends with the latter dead and his face missing, thanks to the knight’s fiery fist. Lenore jumps to the other side of the field while Lana runs into the crowd. Viserys can’t find Rainera, but he backs off when he starts bleeding profusely from his nose and dangling on his feet. Eventually, everything calms down somehow. And when Lenore sees Joffrey dead on the floor, he runs to her and shouts his grief.

So, time to improvise! A painful Rainera and an unhappy Lenore were married that evening, attended by their immediate families. As soon as the vows are fulfilled, Visery faints and falls to the ground. Outside, in Godwood, Ser Kristen prepares to kill himself, but Alicent stops him. And during all this, Damon is nowhere to be seen.

now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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