Iceland visa for Africans | How to Apply and Requirements

Do you long for a vacation in Iceland from Africa? Whether you are visiting for study, work or business, you are required to have a visa and this article will explain how to apply for Iceland tourist, visit or business visa in Africa. 

What Is Iceland Tourist, Visit Or Business Visa in Africa?

Iceland tourist, visit or business visa is a short-term permit to visit the country. The Icelandic immigration authorities grant tourist visas to applicants who want to enter Iceland for the sole purpose of tourism. In that same way, an Iceland visit visa is awarded to those that would like to visit family members or friends in Iceland.

Furthermore, an applicant requires an Iceland business visa to attend meetings, training, and conferences in Iceland. The common factor, however, is that these titles “tourist, visit and others” fit into the Iceland Schengen visa type C. 

If you possess only the Iceland tourist, visit or business visa, you cannot work or get paid in Iceland. But you may study under 90 days. To work or study for a longer period in Iceland, you need to apply for a residency permit.

Requirements for Iceland Tourist, Visit or Business Visa for Africans 

Provide all the documents and meet the necessary requirements if you wish to apply for an Iceland visa from Africa. 

  • Completed online application form.
  • Proof of fund. You must present your bank statement for the past 6 months and proof of assets. Sometimes you might be asked to submit your tax reports if you pay tax. If someone or an organization is responsible for providing you with the funds, you will need a letter from the organization or person.
  • Your international passport with at least six months validation and two minimum empty pages. 
  • Proof of your relationship (when applicable) 
  • Birth certificate of your children (if you are a guardian or parents).
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable when applying for Iceland visa for Africans).
  • well written Cover letter which states your purpose of visit and other information about your travel. 
  • Invitation letter from relative, friend, conference organizer, or organization in Iceland if they are inviting you to the country. 
  • Two recent Passport photographs.
  • Two coloured scan copies of your international passport bio-data page.
  • Schengen-approved medical travel insurance documents, showing a 30,000 Euro cover if you are applying for an Iceland visa from Africa. 
  • A letter from your employer stating that you have been granted a leave of absence and that you will return to your current job after your visit to Iceland. 

How to Apply For Iceland Tourist, Visit Or Business Visa from Africa 

  1. Firstly, gather all the important documents you need for this process. Go ahead to fill the application form here
  2. Submit your Iceland visa application when you are done filing the form. You can submit at the Iceland embassy in your country or travel to a nearby country to submit the documents. 
  3. Track your visa and receive back your passport when a decision has been made regarding your application. 


The Iceland visa for Africans is the main document you need when traveling to Iceland from any African country. Whether you want to travel for vacation, family or business meetings, you need to have a valid visa. 

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