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One question I had in my iPhone 14 Pro Max review on YouTube was whether the dynamic island is hard to reach when using one hand. My answer was yes, but Apple already has a solution to make things easier.

as reported by 9to5Mac (opens in new tab), iOS 16.1 beta integrates Dynamic Island into the Reachability feature under Settings. So once you turn this feature on, the island will actually move halfway down the screen along with the rest of the screen. This is an easy upgrade.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Camera

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Like any new iPhone, the iPhone 14 isn’t immune to launch day issues. One iphone 14 bug It was initially preventing users from setting up their devices on Wi-Fi. But apparently this problem has been resolved.

According to ledge (opens in new tab), Apple has released the iOS 16.0.1 update that “should resolve any activation or migration issues that new iPhone owners may be facing.” However, note that users may need to update and restore their phone using a Mac or PC to resolve this issue.

iPhone 14 Pro Always on Display Support Document

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Oh! It looks like Apple itself was aware of the rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro series was going to have dual cutouts at the top of the screen. as reported by MacRumors (opens in new tab)Apple is showing off a punch hole and pill-shaped cutout for the iPhone 14 in various support documents, even though the new dynamic island Uses a single cutout.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S22

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As good as the iPhone 14 is, it’s not necessarily the best phone in its price range. Case in point: Samsung Galaxy S22. Samsung’s $799 handset offers a 120Hz display and 3x telephoto zoom, two the regular iPhone 14 lacks.

Here’s a quick overview The Galaxy S22 beats the iPhone 14 in four ways, But we also see where Apple beats Samsung. Plus, we have a full-on face-off this weekend to announce a definitive winner.

Graphic showing the new iPhone lineup following the launch of the iPhone 14.

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As with any new iPhone launch you’ll find that Apple tends to ax some older phones. So be sure to check out our overview iPhones Apple Has Discontinued (opens in new tab) After the release of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 11 is no more, and there is no iPhone 12 mini either. The departure of the iPhone 11 hurts the most because there are no longer solid sub-$500 iPhones in Apple’s lineup that have a screen size of 6 inches or larger.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The iPhone 14 is a good phone, but before you buy, you really need to be aware of all the differences between it and the iPhone 14 Pro. Our iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro (opens in new tab) The comparison breaks it all down so you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions.

Here is the gist. The iPhone 14 Pro boasts a number of unique features including an always-on display, dynamic island, and a 48MP main camera. but that’s not all.

iphone 14 pro max

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We just finished some more battery tests on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and we have good news. Apple’s 6.7-inch flagship lasted an average of 13 hours and 39 minutes, which puts this phone above us best phone battery life list.

Anything above 11.5 hours is considered excellent. Stay tuned for more results on the all new iPhones!

iphone 14 pro max

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Early benchmarks before the arrival of the iPhone 14 suggested that It may not be as powerful as people expected,

However, we don’t need to be concerned – as the benchmarks themselves tell a very different story as to how powerful the A16 Bionic really is.

In short: Apple has solidified its lead in the mobile system-on-chip space, as the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the fastest and most powerful phones ever. Get the full story in our iPhone 14 Benchmarks test report.

Action Mode is another new iPhone 14 feature, and the best way to show it off is by trying some footage on and off. And it is very easy to do; You just press a button in the camera app while recording a video, and you should see smooth and stable video, as if you were using a gimbal.

Driving this tilt down a path, you can see that the video is more stable with Action mode on. With it turned off, it feels like I’m spinning wildly from side to side. Our iphone 14 pro max review There are more comparisons for you to check out.

Ever wondered what the inside of the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks like? No, don’t remove the back of your new phone, it’s not a good idea. Instead, take a look at the above iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown Video By pbcasereview (opens in new tab)Which separates the new device piece by piece to compare iphone 13 pro max,

This is fascinating stuff if you’re interested in what’s inside your phone rather than what it can do.

iPhone 14.  Emergency SOS via Satellite on

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iphone 14k Emergency SOS via Satellite The option is another new feature for Apple’s latest handsets, and it’s available on all models, rather than just the Pro.

It currently has limited global coverage, in that it’s only available in the US and Canada, but there’s good news to come: iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity may come to more countries this year,

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

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Dynamic Island is also interactive. Long-pressing this area brings up more controls like playback, so you don’t have to keep jumping between multiple apps or swiping down from the top of the screen.

Everything will be alright. As third-party developers tap into Apple’s Live Activities API, you’ll be able to view the status of your Lyft ride, scores from your favorite NFL team, or the ETA for your food delivery order. Now it’s smart, and it worked well in our testing.

iphone 14 pro max

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There’s Another Great New iPhone 14 Feature dynamic island Found on two Pro models. You will hear this word a lot, so let’s understand its meaning. Dynamic Island could replace the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This pill-shaped cutout doesn’t just house the TrueDepth camera and technology for Face ID; It gives information and resizes on the fly. You can start a timer and watch the countdown timer toward the top of your screen, or the album art to play music or the next turn for Apple Maps.

iphone 14 pro always on display

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You might think from the name that the always-on display will always be… well, on. But Apple has now confirmed that there are some instances where Always-on display will turn off temporarily,

There are eight of these, when your iPhone is face down in a pocket or bag and when Low Power Mode is on, with the idea that disabling the feature at the moment will help you conserve battery life on your phone. Will get

iphone 14 pro max

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A few bugs and some (inevitable) delays aside, this is great news as far as the iPhone 14 range goes. In fact, there are so many positives — especially with the Pro model — that it’s hard to know where to start.

But how about a new one, to pick one at random? iphone 14 pro always on display,

It shows you a low-brightness version of your current lock screen, so you can check your notifications, your iOS 16 Lock screen widget, and of course the clock.

It’s something that’s been the version of Android phones for a while, but none look as pretty, or show off as much at once, as the AOD Apple developed.

There is also a bug that reportedly affects iMessage and FaceTime. According to 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)This can leave users unable to receive messages and calls, or iMessages can be sent to other iPhone users with the usual green bubble.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this, which we elaborate on in our iPhone 14 Release Day Bug Article.

iphone 14

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So what can you expect given that you have a shiny new iPhone 14 today? Well, mostly very good stuff, but some minor negatives too.

We’ll start with the negatives, simply because they are reported anew. For example, it seems that there is a iPhone 14 Activation Bug Due to which the set-up process may fail for some people.

it comes from MacRumors (opens in new tab), which says it has seen an internal Apple memo where the iPhone 14 won’t connect to open Wi-Fi networks when set up. Instead of using a PC or Mac for that part of the process, that isn’t the prettiest solution. Hopefully Apple will resolve this issue soon.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The fact that so many people want to get their hands on the iPhone 14 Pro model is hardly a surprise — in fact, we think the difference between the base model and its more expensive sibling is bigger than ever before. is more.

Why? Well, there are a number of reasons including the fact that the Pro replaces the divisive notch with a really clever dynamic island, the camera upgrades to a 48MP sensor and an increase in battery life.

Here, our Global Editor in Chief Mark Spoonauer explains why iPhone 14 Pro is better than iPhone 14,

iphone 14 pro

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Nor is the situation bad for those looking to buy certain iPhone 14 Pro models today – even some people who preordered those phones are being told they can’t get their handset on time. .

According to 9to5Mac, multiple iPhone 14 pre-orders delayed In the 11th hour. Several people have contacted him to express their disappointment over the slashing of the estimated delivery dates to September 23. And some have been postponed till 30 September.

Screenshot showing delay in iPhone 14 Pro Max

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For example, in the UK, where Apple stores are already open, I can order an iPhone 14 Pro right now and pick it up from my local outlet tomorrow. However, iPhone 14 Pro Max is showing as Unavailable to collect from any of the nearest 12 stores.

There’s no such problem with the base iPhone 14: which is readily available for pick-up in a range of colors and configurations.

pattern Estimated Delivery Date (US) Estimated delivery date (UK)
iphone 14 September 20 September 21
iphone 14 plus October 7 October 7
iphone 14 pro October 17-24 October 18-25
iphone 14 pro max October 24-31 October 25-November 1

Good morning, and welcome to Tom Guide’s iPhone 14 Launch Day Live blog.

Let’s start by talking about wait times. As the table above shows, some new iPhone 14 models are more easily gripped than others. For example, if you order the base iPhone 14 today, it should be delivered as soon as next week. But if you want the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you might have to wait till the end of October to buy it!

In-store availability is potentially better than that, but it will depend on which model you want and where you are. Either way, it’s clear that the Pro models are in more demand this year than ever.

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