Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians: How to apply

Are you a Nigerian hoping to travel to Israel? Then check out all the Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians. Nigerians who desire to travel to Israel have to meet these visa requirements. If you are a traveler; before making other arrangements, you need to apply for a visa from Nigeria. Also, this visa must be ready before going ahead with your trip to Israel. 

Israel, which has become the number one destination for tourists and religious travelers, is a great country to visit. Not just for tourism, Israel has one of the best education institutions that many Nigerians would want to complete their masters program there.

So, moving forward, I will be listing all the requirements you have to meet when applying for an Israel visa from Nigeria. 

Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians

  • International passport: Travelers who wish to visit Israel must possess an international passport with a minimum of 6 month validity and two empty pages. 
  • Two passport photographs: two colored and clear passport photos that are identical and have no editing. 
  • Proof of fund: you have to provide a 6 months bank account statement that shows you have enough funds to finance your stay in Israel. 
  • Hotel reservations: this is like a proof of accommodation. So, you can use a letter of invitation (if you are invited by a relative) to replace a hotel reservation. 
  • Flight tickets. 

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerians 

Tourists who want to visit Israel for a short stay will have to provide these documents and requirements when applying for a visa. Also, if you are going to Israel for conferences or business meetings then this is the best visa to apply for. 

  • Provide a proof of fund that shows your capacity to fund your stay in Israel for the period of your business meeting or tourism. 
  • Provide a statement of account from a corporate body or your personal account. Additionally, your company can provide their statements of accounts if they are sponsoring you for this trip. 
  • Birth certificate of any child under the age of 18.

Israel student Visa Requirements for Nigerians

If you want to attend a school in Israel then you are eligible to apply for this visa. University students who want to study in the country or enroll for any Jewish school. 

  • Letters of admission: as part of the requirements for this visa, you have to provide a letter to show the school has offered you an admission. 
  • Proof of fund: Students have to meet other admissions requirements by the school which may include payment of school fees and having enough money in their account to finance their travel. 
  • Medical records: Applicants have to provide results to show they are free from AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis. 

Those who meet these requirements may also have to provide additional information when required by the embassy

Frequently asked questions 

Do Nigerians need a visa to visit Israel

Yes. Nigerians who want to enter Israel will have to provide a valid visa. 

How many days can I stay in Israel as a Nigerian? 

Your stay depends mostly on the type of visa you processed. Tourists’ visas may also not allow the holder to work in the country. 


Israel Visa Requirements for Nigerians depends on how many days you wish to stay in the country and your travel purposes. Israel does not allow Nigerians to enter without a visa. However, with a valid visa, you can enter the country and study, work, or tour the country depending on the type of visa you have. 

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