Iwobi: Why Leicester City defeated Everton

Iwobi: Why Leicester City defeated Everton
Iwobi: Why Leicester City defeated Everton

After losing to Leicester City 2-0 at home on Saturday, Alex Iwobi feels that Everton needs to be more proficient in front of goal.

Despite having trouble getting the game going, the Toffees still managed to create several opportunities.

Iwobi had a good opportunity to score in the first half, while other players including Dominic Calvert-Lewin, James Tarkowski, and Anthony Gordon also had chances to do so.

Iwobi said after the game, “One team took their chances and, sadly, we didn’t.” “

“We had plenty of chances, but Leicester were the ones who were able to score, while we were unable to.

I had a chance in the first half, and after their second goal, we were attempting to advance, so we had to be vulnerable at the back. After another counterattack, they succeed in scoring. It seemed to me that there were two possible outcomes to the game.

There were going to be times when Leicester might dominate because they are good with the ball, but we also had our share of possession.

We have powerful midfielders who can also generate opportunities. The issue wasn’t with it. We stuck to our game plan, but tonight wasn’t the night.

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