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writer-director Paul Weitz sublime street comedy Grandmother For Lily TomlinAnd now at Tomlin’s suggestion, he wrote a new film for both Lily and Jane FondaOne of the recognizable characters from the pair the pair played on the Netflix sitcom for seven years, Grace and Frankie, A story with a dark side as well as some scathing commentary on the effects of sexual trauma, even nearly half a century later. It’s the kind of movie that I love, independently made, using great actors in unexpected kinds of roles, with 85 minutes of hard work, and utterly entertaining to say something.

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Fonda plays Claire attending the funeral of her old college roommate, Joyce. She is reunited with another college friend, Evie (Tomlin) and confesses that her plans include not only attending a funeral to honor her, but also to kill Joyce’s husband Howard (a coward). is included. Malcolm McDowell) who sexually assaulted Claire on a drunken night decades ago, and well-known to his wife, a horrifying experience he never told Joyce about, but which many victims of sexual abuse have endured for 46 years in their case. pressed in. , He has made up his mind to carry out his assassination plans, and the film is actually quite a bewildered laugh from his raw and determined determination. Fonda plays alternately delicate and confident in her mission, someone finally confronting a past she hid, but not afraid to act on it in graphically violent terms. A kitchen knife will work at the reception, or a trip to a gun store to buy a gun to shoot Howard or a deal may be made with a friend who may have another type of gun that Will a pillow do the trick, or how about just bothering him?

Tomlin’s caustic Evie has moments of her own performance at the funeral and then is greeted with revelations of her own that are guaranteed to shock the gathered mourners. Together he and Claire team up for revenge, but it doesn’t play out roughly like the first film they co-starred in, 1980s. 9 to 5 In which they also team up to seek revenge on their terrifying boss, but here in a more deliberate, even sober way where you fully believe that the damage done one night decades ago is quickly repaired by the man. Was forgotten, but a source of pain forever for the woman.

Malcolm McDowell, Paul Waite, Lily Tomlin and Richard Roundtree From moving on pose for a portrait in the Deadline studio held during Toronto Film Festival at Soluna on September 12, 2022 in Toronto, Canada

In one subplot, Fonda is reunited with an old boyfriend (Richard Roundtree), with whom she suddenly breaks things off without any explanation. They are wiser now over the years where they left off with poignant results.

The title says it all, these are all characters who are “moving on”, but the wounds of the past must be erased before they can do so. Weitz (About a Boy, Admission, In Good Company, American Pie) There is a writer who can take an outrageous idea and somehow make it plausible which he does here. Who doesn’t want to kill someone at one point in our lives, but will definitely never act on that? Claire assures you she means business, but this is no over-the-top movie character but a believable older woman who does wrong. Fonda goes deep on this.

No one can deliver ginger like Tomlin, and Weitz has given her some choice of ingredients. By the way, his 2014 film Grandmother Which details that Tomlin would be ripe for re-release after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade to drive his granddaughter, played by Julia Garner, to an abortion. McDowell, with memories of a long time ago If…. And A Clockwork Orange One can play creep with the best of them and put this unbearable man in socks at home. Roundtree looks great and there are some warm and touching scenes between their characters in front of Fonda in a bittersweet reunion.

The producers are Stephanie Meurer, Andrew Miano, Chris Parker, Dylan Sellers and Weitz. moving on It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival tonight and is looking for distribution. UTA is handling the sale.

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