Kneeling reaction to Steelers 29-17 Damage to Browns

Kneeling response is an immediate response to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. This is something we usually do as sports fans. Especially if you are a full blood yinjar, or even only a part yinjar. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each steelers Sports (my son Kyle might have some things to say as well). This is my version of playing my mouth first and apologizing (or not) later. So that being said, I’m going to apply that philosophy here during Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season.

1st quarter

  • Steelers to kickoff. Bring more football.
  • Defense moves them to third and 10. Will we see soft zones early? We did, but Wallace made a great game to knock it off.
  • You know it’s bad when Al Michaels is calling the Steelers offense dunks and dunks before leaving.
  • The third and five Steelers at least throw the ball down the ground, but it remains unfinished and they will punt one after the other.
  • Highsmith jumps to a side on 3 and 6 and now makes it third and one.
  • Larry O. With the sack at Three Down.
  • Kilbrough gets a piece of that punt and the Steelers will have great field position to start their second possession.
  • Nice 10 yards by Nazi.
  • An OK run on the first down is followed by two terrible looking pass plays. Boswell will come in to try to keep the Steelers on board.
  • The wind catches it and pushes it right from 50 yards.
  • The defense quickly moves them to third and ninth. Looks like they might just be small. I hope they go for it soon.
  • QB sneaks in Browns First of all.
  • Chub dodges the defense on that run. Witherspoon whispered on the tackle near the line of the scuffle.
  • That pass for the touchdown to Cooper was too easy by the defensive back. The Steelers missed their chance for the point and then turned and dropped the touchdown.
  • Brown 7, Steelers 0.
  • Oh God. What catch did Pickens catch?
  • Hurry, the offense has been a Steelers friend again.
  • That’s the end of quarter number one. Brown 7, Steelers 0.

second quarter

  • Cleveland’s offside in the first game of the second quarter, but it doesn’t matter as the Nazi drives it for a touchdown. Steelers 7, Brown 7.
  • The Steelers got really lucky in that game as Cooper hit the edge before catching the ball.
  • The defense had too many people on the ground and eventually had to time out. I hate burning timeouts for unnecessary reasons.
  • Defense gives a third and nine. Why they leave such a long third down conversion is hard to tell.
  • Witherspoon can’t cover Amari Cooper.
  • The Browns seem to be getting the ball rolling right now.
  • Another pitch for a touchdown and a catch. Extra point hits straight away. Brown 13, Steelers 7.
  • Good job by Trubisky avoiding a sack and bringing the ball to Dionte downfield.
  • Dionte delivers the ball after Jaylen Warren stumbles.
  • The Steelers are definitely running the ball better tonight.
  • Quarterback Trubisky runs for a touchdown on the keeper. You can’t say that the offensive line didn’t bode well on that series. Steelers 14, Brown 13.
  • There was some pretty bad behavior out there by the Steelers.
  • Defense has got them in another third and long.
  • The Steelers keep them short, but Cleveland is taking the time and I think they’re going to go 4 and 2 for it.
  • Brown converts and continues his campaign. Wait now, they have called for a review of the game and it was determined it would not be a catch. The Steelers took over.
  • After taking a few yards, Trubisky again throws two balls to no receiver. I think the Steelers missed an opportunity at points there.
  • That’s half. Steelers 14, Brown 13.

third quarter

  • Good catch from Claypool to take first down.
  • Brown is caught on the field with an extra guy.
  • Was that Nazi Harris or Edwin Moses?
  • Brilliant catch and run by Warren but there is a flag on the play. He caught Chucks downfield ineligible. Takes away great profit.
  • The Steelers are able to make it back to a manageable third place. It would be really nice to convert it.
  • The Steelers don’t convert. Harvin on the punt.
  • Witherspoon still can’t cover Cooper.
  • Defense needs to give up trying to tackle Chub high. His legs are very strong – you have to cut them.
  • Cleveland goes 4 and 1 for it and converts easily. I really don’t think the defense played as well tonight as they did in the first two games.
  • The Browns are in the red zone, but the defense takes them to third and 10.
  • Defense holds and Brown will try to score. This is good. Brown 16, Steelers 14.
  • The Steelers move quickly to the third position and the defense really needs to convert to break it but they throw it deep and it is incomplete. I expect the defense to be gauged in this game like they did in the last game.
  • End of third quarter. Brown 16, Steelers 14.

fourth quarter

  • Cooper burns them again.
  • Defense is unable to bring Chub to the ground.
  • This is a very tired looking defense.
  • Defense gets a hold on the 4th and on goal but Chub punches it. Brown 23, Steelers 14.
  • The Steelers are down two points. If those three more leave from here I will die.
  • What do you know they face third and 10.
  • Check that it will be made 3rd and 15 as false start.
  • Incomplete pass and the Steelers go for three more outs. They are disappointing as the third down conversion rate continues. It will probably be a ball game.
  • Highsmith looks a bit like TJ Watt in that play.
  • The defense catches, so the offense will get another shot.
  • What do you know when offense turns three and out again. The Steelers have not been able to commit any offense in the fourth quarter of the last two games.
  • Highsmith goes home for the sack at 3 Down.
  • Muth finally gets his first catch of the game in less than 3 minutes.
  • The drive stalls and the Steelers will go for a field goal to bring it into possession. Brown 23, Steelers 17.
  • The Steelers line up for an onside kick, but end up with a penalty and Cleveland gets the ball. How suitable
  • The defense puts them in third, but the Steelers will leave the ball with about 10 seconds or so to play.
  • The defense may not have a chance to stop when it has to be and the offense may not move the ball when it is needed.
  • I must say that I was quite disappointed with Steeler’s performance in the second half.
  • I think it’s also fair that in the last game the Steelers play lateral play, turn it over and the Browns score another touchdown.
  • Final score Brown 29, Steelers 17.

There you have it, my knees tremble. So I’ll sit on it for about a week, analyze it, and then talk about it on The Sco Bro Show. can not wait!!!

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