Lady Du’s 2022 achievements

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Lady Du ticked several boxes off her list in 2022 as she was able to bring them to reality.

The musician is outspoken, and she updated her fans with most of her moves.

Asides from separating from her lover; she made some impressive achievements which she talked about severally.

Lady Du opened doors for more job opportunities. bought a house and kicked off her business.

Taking to social media before crossing over into the new year, Du detailed her achievements.

“I woke up this morning, started crying, this was the most toughest year of my life but I thank God for everything. A child has been born WAWA LA BEAUTY I’d like to thank everyone that’s been supporting my music, I finally managed to build the salon I’ve always wanted, we are still doing the final touch ups for the opening but as the year ends, I want to show you what you’ve helped me achieve!!!”

“I bought my house this year, bought my cars this year and finally opened a business I’m fully qualified in; I bought a house ekasi, broke it and turned into a luxury salon with all the people that don’t have jobs, I currently have 22 people on my pay roll; I’ve always wanted to create employment especially in the hood to uplift kids and teach them ways of making money. Half of my savings are Gone but this was worth every cent. BLACK CHILD it’s possible,” she added.


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