Landeskog avalanche unlikely to start season in time

Today was the first day of Colorado Avalanche training camp, which means one thing… hockey is back! We started with mostly veterans in the first group. However, there were some absences due to various reasons. Coach Jared Bedner later said that Gabriel Landeskog is battling a lower body injury And that he may be lucky enough to see any pre-season action this year – and the regular season is unlikely to start on time.

This was probably the biggest and most unpleasant news of the day, with lots of smiles around the Family Sports Center, and why not? It is now a defending Stanley Cup Championship team. Others who weren’t here on Opening Day included:

Josh Manson, whose wife has one child. He can come back as soon as tomorrow. Val Nichusky tomorrow is due to skate on its own Darren Helm Done in a non-contact sweater today.

there is some extra pressure alex newhook This season he is fighting for his role in the team. He showed it today because he was physical in the corners and was working the puck hard the whole time. their main competition in Evan RodriguesWas on the same line and coach Bednar even said that “I like him a lot today and he would be a good addition.”

Landeskog’s issue may be with the same knee he operated on at the end of last season, but this has not been confirmed. Remember, Landeskog rarely practiced in the playoffs, and it was most likely from that knee. Still, Landeskog put on a stellar performance season after season, which is why he and other Avalanche teammates would soon be sporting new diamond-studded baubles. Landeskog did not appear surprised by anything when he met the media on Wednesday.

Rodrigues and Newhook were both on the same line, with Newhook being the center. In the past, Rodrigues has shown that he can keep up with Nathan McKinnon and some chemistry was already starting to build. Newhook stated that he “has the same mindset in his training and thinks he is mentally prepared” to take on the role of second-row center.

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Nathan McKinnon Showing his usual brilliance with the puck and on the skates. McKinnon has been skating with a lot of teams for a few weeks already, but this was her first formal skate. There was a lot of drama that he was big-bodied and was pushing the defender away from him in the open snow.

On some of the exercises the coaches were focusing on body contact and it seemed like McKinnon was having some fun pushing people. They certainly weren’t wasting their time getting the players back in shape for the season. Asked if he feels there was less pressure on him and the team this year, “I don’t know. I do not think so. We only focus on what is going on in this room. I don’t know what pressure was coming on us or not. We cannot control what everyone says. We just want to win one more cup, that’s our goal.”

Group Two consisted mostly of Colorado Eagles players, so the drill was more to test their skill set. Charles Huddon, who signed with the Colorado Avalanche organization over the summer, was called a standout by Coach Bednar. He plays a game similar to that of Logan O’Connor, with lots of checking and checking on the opposing team. It showed in some of today’s drills as he was trying very hard to make his way into the team physically in the corner. He will likely be a top six forward at Loveland and a potential call-up to Denver if needed.

Altogether. It was a busy day for players and media alike. Today, for the first time since March 2020, a media member was allowed to interview players in the locker room. That means we’ll be able to bring you a little more varied coverage of your favorite team! Instead of just sitting in front of me for one or two, I’ll be able to talk to a wide variety of players. This is going to be an exciting season for you and me. I look forward to covering the best team in the NHL for all of you!!

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