LISTEN: Cordae – “Feel It In The Air”

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Cordae uses the instrumental from Beanie Sigel’s classic of the same name to spit on his growth and industry struggles.

Cordae, formerly of YBN and now signed to Atlantic Records, has enjoyed a lot of success and high-profile praise in recent years. His most recent project, From A Bird’s Eye View, received widespread praise and acclaim for his lyrical and artistic development. However, he has not lost touch with his roots or his point of view. “Feel It In The Air,” a new song by the Raleigh, North Carolina native, was just released. This title is probably familiar to readers. It’s a tribute to Beanie Sigel’s classic of the same name, and it uses the same instrumental.

Furthermore, Sigel’s original is regarded as one of his best, filled with vivid lyricism and candid depictions of his life. Similarly, Cordae opens up about industry lessons he’s learned along the way. He demonstrates how he is still unaccustomed to the pitfalls of celebrity. It’s a scathing indictment of shady practices and phony smiles, as well as a reflection of his own struggles to get here. It’s also worth noting that he released this track on his own label, Hi Level.

The instrumental on “Feel It In The Air” is perfectly buttery and smooth for the vibe of the song. Furthermore, faint samples appear and disappear, whether it’s a passionate vocal line or some soulful saxophone notes. When the “RNP” MC starts spitting, the beat takes center stage. There isn’t much to distract listeners from his bars, and we can take them in with clarity and full attention. It’s no surprise that Snoop Dogg commissioned Cordae to write verses for him.

The 25-year-pen, old’s however, isn’t just concerned with broad statements and analysis. On this track, he gets specific and emotional, dealing with suicidal thoughts and faulty negotiations in the industry as he tries to move within it. Cordae makes references to his own musicians being rats, social media being the Matrix, and his upbringing. “It felt like yesterday when we were eatin’ DiGiorno’s, and mama ain’t got no internet to watch porno, so I ain’t got nothing to do but write inside my journal,” he raps.

“Feel It In The Air” also has a music video in which he returns to his childhood home. We even see a tender moment near the end when he is catching up with a loved one over the phone. At the time of writing this article, the song is only available on YouTube.

Cordae’s most recent track and music video can be found below. Also, check out some of the standout bars from “Feel It In The Air” below.



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