LISTEN: Homeboy Sandman – “Eighth Day Of Christmas”

LISTEN: Homeboy Sandman – “Eighth Day Of Christmas”
LISTEN: Homeboy Sandman – “Eighth Day Of Christmas”

The Queens MC is releasing a new single every day until the release of his new album, and the eighth track in the series is as smooth as butter.

Sandman has blessed fans with a new single every day during the holiday season, the most recent being “Eighth Day of Christmas.” Furthermore, he began on December 25th, with the end goal of releasing his new album, 12 Days of Christmas & Da de los Reyes, on Three Kings Day (January 6th). As a result, each day leading up to the 6th brought us a new single from Sandman’s album.

While a track a day may appear to be a daunting task, the Queens MC wrote diverse and high-quality tracks for each day. Some of his earlier singles were woozier, more energetic, and sprinkled with random drums. “The Eighth Day of Christmas,” on the other hand, showed Homeboy Sandman in a more reflective, drumless state. The beat is built around a smooth, glamorous, and lush sample, with numerous instruments enhancing the track.

There are subtle chunks of electric guitar, for example, that give the track a funky feel. Furthermore, the keys smoothly transition from low bass notes to high-pitched tones, adding dynamism to the track. There’s not a lot of percussion here, with only a light hi-hat and rimshot serving as fillers. Finally, it is the deep bass that provides the foundation.

Meanwhile, despite the track’s low-key and dreamy atmosphere, the 42-year-old delivers a subtly emphatic performance. The beat’s elements are all very dense, but Homeboy balances them out with a confident and raspy flow. While there are a few abstract bars sprinkled throughout, there are also powerfully simple declarations against traditional success and not being given his due.

The flow is also consistent, but he spits a lot of internal rhyme schemes and cheeky references. Everything points to a fantastic performance to ring in 2023, continuing his impressive output from last year. He worked with the Oakland-based Oakstop Alliance on their debut album, Royalty Summit, for example.

Listen to Homeboy Sandman’s newest track, “Eighth Day of Christmas” below.

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