LISTEN: Tafia – “Stand On Bidness”

LISTEN: Tafia – “Stand On Bidness”
LISTEN: Tafia – “Stand On Bidness”

The latest release from the Dream Chasers artist arrived on digital music platforms a few days ago.

In the spirit of giving, we have more new music for you to enjoy this holiday season. Tafia’s “Stand On Bidness,” which made its official debut on December 20th, is next on our list of hot new arrivals.

Skeeboe directed the music video for the Dream Chasers artist’s track. Cameras capture dynamic shots of him in the studio and later while exploring Florida and its natural beauty. Palm trees and luxurious vehicles help to set the mood as dusk falls.

“Stand On Bidness” follows Tafia’s previously shared “Can’t Let Up” release. It debuted in December as well, and it finds him reflecting on his humble beginnings before rising to fame.

The recording artist’s other 2022 releases include “Big Mood” with DJ Cruz, NateTaylorr, and Rellyski, as well as “Life of the Party” with Nick Garcia, Gnautica, and Tropdavinci.

Finally, stream Tafia’s “Stand On Bidness” on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube below.


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