Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians | How to Apply

The Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians is in different types but they will all give the holder access to enter Luxembourg legally. However, applicants from other countries can enter Luxemburg without a visa but that’s not the case with Nigeria. So, before you commence that your journey to luxembourg, you must apply for a valid visa. 

There are many type of luxembourg visa starting from tourist visa with gives the holder access to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Tourists and those who want to visit their family member process this visa type the most. 

The other type of luxembourg visa is a business visa which is also called “shortstay visa”. This particular visa type is best for business persons who want to perform business transactions in the country, attend a business meeting, attend a conference or engage in trade. 

Requirements for Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians

When applying for a Luxembourg visa these are all the requirements you have to meet. 

#1. Valid international passport 

Provide a valid International passport that is still valid for a minimum of 3 months. The passport must also have two empty pages for visa stamp. Also, you are required to scan a copy of the data page of this passport. 

2. Passport photographs 

You have to provide two passport photos that are identical and must not be older than six months. Again, these passport photographs should be free from any type of editing. 

3. Completed application form 

When filling your Luxembourg visa application form from Nigeria, make sure you provide all the necessary information correctly. 

4. Proof of residency 

You won’t need this if you are a Nigerian, but if you are from another country but applying from Nigeria. The documents required are only proof you are legally residing in Nigeria. 

5. Proof of fund

When applying for a tourist visa or business visa, you have to provide documents that show you are financially capable of sponsoring your stay in Luxemburg. 

6. Flights reservations 

This is important as the consulate may ask for it when you go to pick your visa, and sometimes, they require it before processing the visa. 

7. Conference/meeting/seminar invitations letter

If you plan to attend a meeting then you have to provide documents to confirm that. 

8. Accommodation 

In this case, it’s either you provide hotel reservations or an invitation letter from someone inviting you to luxembourg. 

How to Apply for Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians

  1. Gather all necessary documents: there are documents you need depending on the type of visa you are applying for. 
  2. Obtain a letter of invitation: this letter will confirm that someone or a company is truly inviting you to luxembourg. 
  3. Complete online application form: Fill the form online and print out a copy. 
  4. Submit all this documents to the application center in Nigeria. 

Collect your visa after they must have processed it. Normally it should not last above 16 days for your luxembourg visa to be out but it can delay. 


The Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians is available for people who want to travel to the country for tourism, business, education or to visit a family member. For every reason for your journey to Luxembourg, there’s a visa type that will cover it. So, follow my guidelines in this article to apply for a Luxembourg visa without wasting your time. 

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