Medical schools with scholarship in Europe | 2023

Do you wish to study in Europe? Then check out some of these medical schools in Europe that are ready to give scholarships to international students. These schools have different types of scholarships depending on the degree you will undertake in the country. Some may offer full scholarships while some countries will only give part-time scholarships to students. 

Europe is not just the number one destination for tourists but Hotspot for institutions that are in the world map. So, if you still believe you can acquire that degree or go for that research then these institutions in Europe will give you the opportunity to acquire them. 

Medical schools with scholarship in Europe

If you still want to study a medical course in Europe then you can utilize some of this scholarship opportunity that will be very beneficial. 

#1. Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of University of Copenhagen, Denmark

A reputable college that we have on our list is the University of Copenhagen. They are offering scholarships to the candidates keen to enroll in its Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences under the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD. programs in Medicine, Public Health Science, Molecular Biomedicine, etc.

These applicants can get their medical degree partially or fully financed by these sponsors; Veterinarian Hans Peter Christensen’s Memorial Scholarship. Others are; Ena Borchsenius’ Scholarship for Veterinary Students, Danida Scholarships, OFID Scholarship award, Danish Government Scholarships, etc.

In addition, every international applicant must abide by the language requirements and submit IELTS, TOEFL iBT, CAE, & CPE scores.

2. Heidelberg University Medical Scholarships, Germany

Heidelberg University is one of the oldest universities in Europe. They are offering Pre Medicine and Research training programs to the interested local and international students. Applicants can get scholarships in medical technology, medical informatics, public health & administration and many other fields. 

3. Faculty of Medicine Charles University Scholarships, Czechia

Charles University is another great school of five medical faculties, offering Undergraduate, Ph.D. They have Specialized programs in the versatile medical fields. Interested applicants can apply for these programs under the following scholarship schemes like Phd scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, and many others. 

4. Leuven Faculty of Medicine Scholarships, Belgium

The KU Leuven Faculty of Medicine offers scholarships for the medicine and research programs in Bioinformatics, Biomedical Sciences, global health, etc. Applicants can apply for the Mastermind Scholarships, Fund Professor Roger Borghgraef, Roger Dillemans Fellowships, Marc Vervenne Fund Ph.D. Scholarship Program, Wilfried Martens Scholarship and many others. 

5. ETH Zurich Medical Scholarships, Switzerland

If you still need a school then this is a perfect place to study with a scholarship. 

Frequently asked questions 

Medical schools with scholarship in Europe: who can apply? 

Anyone who has the minimum requirements to study in Europe can apply for this scholarship.

Are there MBBS scholarships? 

Yes, there are many scholarships for MBBS students. 

Can these scholarships fund my research in Europe

If the planned research is among the fields this scholarship offers then you can apply. 


Medical schools with scholarships in Europe sponsor students who still believe they can finish their studies in Europe. However, the main hassle will be the application process for this scholarship and school. Some are easy while others are not. 

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