Mickey Anderson talks one-year contract extension + Day 2 Camp Primer

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While there was little concern among Kings fans throughout the summer, defenseman Mickey Anderson was present on the first day of training camp with a one-year contract extension.

The one-year stint presented an opportunity for Anderson. An opportunity to grow, an opportunity to continue to grow and be a part of something it believes in, the Kings are building here in Los Angeles.

“For my situation personally, I saw it as a way to make it another year,” he said. “Building on the last two seasons and even the third from the American League, it’s another way to keep growing, develop and then reevaluate where we are next year. I really like that we are a As a group and as a team, organization wise, and I am very happy to be a part of it.”

Anderson’s comments are in line with what others have heard about faith and enthusiasm in the vision set by the Kings. His primary defensive partner, Drew Doughty, expressed confidence in the organization’s direction during his exit interview last May, with others consistent with that approach.

That confidence is something that allowed Anderson to put his trust in building the Kings, locking himself in for the 2022–23 season, with extras to continue working towards a potential extension for years ahead. Time provided. The Kings would see an opening in the salary cap department this offseason, with Anderson again eligible for another contract at that time, although unlike this past offseason with arbitration rights in his corner.

“The one year deal gives us a little bit more time to, as I said, build for another year, play well and try to figure out if there’s a solution that we can get to when we move forward next year. “

However, unlike Doughty, Anderson used representation in his contract negotiations. Doughty, as has been well documented, negotiated his contract with Blake and the Kings when he agreed to an eight-year extension on July 1, 2018.

Anderson is represented by Jay Grossman, who also represents King’s prospect Samuel Helenius, and he is said to have done most of the heavy lifting during the negotiations. Some players like to be very practical, as Doughty was, while others prefer not to know anything until things are formalized. Anderson tends more towards the latter, working the material through his representation and taking things from there.

“For me, my agent did the bulk of it and filled me in on how things are. [went],” Anderson explained. “You have a guy like Drew who was able to do it himself, but it’s a lot of work. You have many different facets of trying to pull off comparable contracts and what’s not to try and figure out an agreement between yourself and the team. So, from that front, it’s good to have an agent who can be another layer of support to support you and what you think. For me personally, I was into it, but more than just getting second hand feedback. ,

While being directly involved in the negotiations was not something important to Anderson, making a deal before training camp began was certainly a priority for the Minnesota native.

As we get closer to the start of camp tomorrow, there are some players who are still unsigned free agents around the league. Those players will not be on the ice with their teammates on the first day. While there was concern on that front from Kings fans, the situation with Anderson was never really that worrying. Both sides made use of the allotted time, of course, but speaking with Anderson, there was never any doubt that both sides would get things going until Group A hit the ice in El Segundo tomorrow morning.

“You want to make a deal before camp,” Anderson said emphatically. “It doesn’t matter as much as you think you’re in good shape and how good your summer training is, camp and it’s going to grind. It’s something you want to do for your own personal wellbeing, that’s all. To stay in shape, be ready to go for the year, but at the same time it’s the first two weeks of the team together and you start building the model for the team. You’ll be in the room and figure out how it’s going to be. From my personal point of view, it’s been a very important two weeks to be a part of it and I’m very glad that we were able to find something and get it done before the camp started.”

The other key clarification from the interview is that Anderson was sure to note that he wants to be here longer, despite the short-term extension he signed earlier this month.

For some of the reasons mentioned above, Anderson is taking this year as an opportunity to grow and develop on a strong, defensive front he’s already established. Although he will once again be a free agent next summer, he remains banned and, in his mind, is expected to remain as a part of the King’s organization for the foreseeable future.

“I love it here, I love the way the team is going, the organization, the way we are moving forward,” he said. “The city, the living arrangements here and the people we have, I would love to live here as long as I can.”

With day one now in the rearview mirror, we are getting ready to start day two of LA Kings training camp.

Today’s formatting is almost identical to yesterday’s sessions, at least in terms of timing and alignment, although the order of groups and individuals in each group is different than yesterday. Group B starts us at 10 a.m., with a slightly different look and feel, and off we go.

Day 2 Schedule
• 10:00 am – Group B Practice
• 10:50 am – Scrimmage, Group A and B
• 12:25 pm – Group A Practice
• 1:00 PM – Group C Practice

As happened last season, we are seeing some changes in the groups between Days 1 and 2 and we can expect to see additional changes again tomorrow between Days 2 and 3. Some experienced players – such as Drew Doughty and Philippe Danault – will be skating with Group C this afternoon and will not participate in the scrimmage session. The start of the camp is expected to see players moving around, giving different players different opportunities and different alignments.

Here’s how the Kings will line up today –

Group A
Kevin Fiala – Ange Kopitar – Adrian Kempe
Alex Iafalo – Quinton Byfield – Arthur Kaliyev
Lias Anderson – Nate Thompson – Gabe Willardik
Austin Wagner – Akeel Thomas – Tyler Madden
James Stephen

Sean Walker – Matt Roy
Tobias Bjornfot – Jordan Spence
Jacob Movarare – Helge Grans
to you bison

cal peterson
Phoenix Copley

Group B
Trevor Moore – Rasmus Kupari – Samuel Fagemo
Brendan Lemieux – Blake Lizzotte – Karl Grundstrom
Jarrett Anderson-Dolan – Samuel Helenius – Martin Cromiacki
Taylor Ward – Riley Fiedler-Schultz – Jacob Dottie
Alan Quinn

Mickey Anderson – Cameron Gone
Alex Adler-Brandt Clark
Kim Nausianen – Landon Kosiori
Mark Lajoie

Jonathan Quick
Matt Villalta

Group C
Francesco Pinelli – Philippe Danault – Aidan Dudas
Justin Nachbauer-TJ Tynan-Brett Kempo
Caleb Lawrence – Eric Alari

Angus Booth – Drew Doughty
Cameron Suprica – Sean Durzic
Frederick Allard

jacob ingham
David Harenaki

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